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Faeton (Juegos Populares, 1985) VP9

VP9 SS Recreation Faeton (Juegos Populares, 1985) VP9 v1.01 2020-01-28

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Faeton (Juegos Populares, 1985) VP9 v1.01
by jpsalas, destruk
IPD No. 3087

Based on the table by Juegos Populares (Spain) from 1986.
Thanks to Raúl tor the pictures of the real table, and a special thanks to destruk for all his help with the solenoids, switches and lights.
v1.01 Updated 11 December 2010
- changed the working of the center targets.
v1.0 Released 5 December 2010

Faeton - Juegos Populares 1986

Drop targets score 5000 points and advance Bonus.
1ST time lites the upper 'Double Bonus' and 'Extra Ball'
2ND time lites lower 'Double Bonus', Extra Ball' and 'Special'

Red target lites 'Duble Bonus' and the poisbility of 'Tripple Bonus'

Upper and lower'Extra Ball' turns off when scored.

Bonus count at the end of each ball, with scores from 10.000, 20.000 or 30.000 per bonus, depending of the lights, single, double or tripple

You can only play one extra ball


Dianas Drop tantean 5.000 puntos y avanzan Bonos.

1a. Bancada enciende "Doble Bonos" y "Extra Ball" superior.

2a. Bancada enciende "Doble Bonos", "Extra Ball" inferior y "SPECIAL".

Dianita roja "Doble Bonos" enciende posibilidad de "Triple Bonos".

"Extra Ball" superior e inferior se apaga al conseguirlo.

Los Bonos tantean al final de cada bola, pudiendo tantear 10.000, 20.000 o 30.000 por Bono, según esté en "Single", "Double" o "Triple".

Jugando "Extra Ball" no se puede obtener otra.
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