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Fathom (Bally, 1981) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Fathom (Bally, 1981) VP8 v2.1 VPM

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Bally 1981,
IPD No. 829

One of the most beatiful tables ever made.
Ballys Fathom
Visual PinMame Version 2.1 February 22, 2004
by Kurt Herman scapino@nwlink.com

Quite challenging and fun to play, with up to 3 balls in play at one time.


*Making A-B-C lanes.
Right flipper button rotates lit A-B-C lights.
1st time lights left ball return lane for 50,000.
2nd time lights remaining ball return lane for 50,000.
3rd time lights outlane special.
4th time lights A-B-C lanes special.
1 replay for completing A-B-C when lit for special.

*1 replay for ball through outlanes when lit for special.

*Dropping 1-2-3 centre targets in sequence
lights yellow target extra ball flashing light.
1 extra ball for hitting target while flashing.

*Ball falling into lagoon or cave trap saucer remains captive
until 3 targets in front of respective saucer are dropped.
Dropping 3 left blue or green targets also drops 1 respective
captive ball target.
When multi balls are in play, ball dropping into either saucer
remains captive and is released by dropping left 3 blue or
green targets when respective captive ball targets
are not up.
Bonus multiplies 3x,4x,5x are advanced by dropping
captive ball targets or left 3 blue or green targets.

*Two balls in play at one time doubles all playfield scores,
3 balls triples all playfield scores.

*Bonus special lights by attaining 55,000 on green
and blue bonus.
1 replay by advancing green or blue bonus to
110,000 points.

*Maximum 1 extra ball per ball in play.
*Tilt penalty ball in play.
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