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Solid State Machines
by twentydegree
at 2018-03-25
Type Original

It is a unique type of pinball game, if it is not the first one of it's kind. Why some of you would ask? Because it is a special quest. This quest make the player, buy items and equipments (17 items). The player have some ranks (17 ranks). The player fight some boss's (9 boss's).

And yes it make possible to have some money to buy items (money points) that is calculated when the player buy items to progress in this game. Yes the player have some ranks for the items buyed. The ranks can make the player at some boss combat mode, have some amount of energy; to fight the boss.

Yes, when the player enter the combat mode; he obtain some energy (life points) and the boss also (boss points). Depending of the boss and rank of the player, the (life points) and (boss points) is getting higher also harder.

When the player have lost the battle against a boss, the player can go at a shop to buy energy; and start back the same last battle.

The player when in combat mode, can gain or loose some (life points). The boss only loose some (boss points). It also have some bonus points, when the player loose the ball. Like said it's a unique pinball game. I'm not sure if this type of pinball game exist virtually and in real life?

In this new version, the player have the possibility to skip some dmd messages, by pressing one of the flipper keys. It is a thing that was suggested on the forum Gopinball.com


Ive added version 1.11 Normal Game. Because of some demands. What this game version has is that the flippers strengt is a bit higher, that the bouncing triangles near the flippers is a bit softer, that the outside lanes is more higher so it block more. What peoples must know is that the Dmd messages in this version, that they are not auto skipped; but the player to skip each Dmd message must press one of the flippers key. Doing so make the player take the time he/she want to read the Dmd messages or Skip-it as wanted.


Version 1.12 has slights changes, there is the playfield look that change on some events. When the money target is hit, the playfield show a momentary playfield change. When entered the house to buy an item, the corresponding item show a corresponding look. When the player see the king or see the guru in the church, it show a corresponding look. When you are in boss fight mode or when you buy some life points, the playfield change and correspond to it.

Note that version 1.12 Normal game have the same rules as version 1.11 Normal game. In version 1.12 Normal game, the cheat script lines is on lines: 2084 and 2097.

This game could give FP table creators ideas about changing the look of the table, when the ball hit some objects or when some events is activated.

Have fun!
Each items worth 20points of more then the previous one. When some objects hit, the player or boss can loose 5 energy points. When the player in combat mode hit the droptargets group, can gain 10 energy points.

The 2 interior bottom alley near the flippers when lit, can make the outside bottom alley light on; wich make possible to save the player ball.

The pinball is made with components mostly find on the web with the keyword free. I hope that you will have some fun with this unique pinball type; also recommend it to others. Made with the help of peoples, this pinball type would not exist.


The version 1.11 Easy Game, it cost less for the items to buy, and the boss energy points are more easy.


The version 1.13 Normal Game have some difference. Some peoples has suggested to my self that it would be nice if when the player or boss loose some points, that there is something that show if the player or boss is hitted. So i have made that the Dragon or Player between the flippers turn momentary to red when it is hit.

The game work fine, but i try to find out what in my coding and at what code line number the errors by playing i have find out. Because the player should buy 2 items and have 2 ranks in the church before a boss stage. So for going at the boss 1 there are 2 items buyed and 2 ranks have, Boss 2 the player have again 2 other items and 2 other ranks; till now it work just fine. But when it is Boss 3 and 4 and 5 etc, the player only need 1 item buyed and 1 rank; when it should also have 2 items buyed and 2 ranks? Maybe some peoples can look at the script and tell me what is not done correctly and at what code line numbers? I would really appreciate it!

The other little bug thing i have remark is that when i test the game money points and over pass 1000 money points, the display's show like some 1 (X) 000, when it should only show 1000? and so on. Its an other bug i have find out, but wonder why?? Maybe for this some peoples could indicate to me also.

I could as so create a new version wich would be version 1.14

Thank's for your time, help; and have fun!
When the game start, the player enter the church; and there is a game story. The story activate some money targets. Money that can change because of the left and right spinners.

When the player have some amount of money, the player can go to the house from the front or the back. There will then have a little story, telling wich item is gonna be buyed; and calculate from the money points made.

For each items buyed, the player enter the church; wich make the guru give the player some ranks. Also at some time when some ranks is givin, the guru tell how to activate the combat mode.

When the player activate the battle mode, there is some targets and triggers that make the player loose some (life points). The flashing bumpers when hit, make the boss loose some (boss points).

Also in boss combat mode, when the player hit the 3 targets of a droptargets group; the player can gain some energy. When the player loose all his energy, the player can regain it's energy; wich make the last battle reset.
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