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Fight Night (Original) VP921

VP9 SS Original Table Fight Night (Original) VP921 v2.2.2

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Fight Night (Original) VP9.21 v2.2.2

- 5 : Add Credit
- 1 : Start
- END : Enter/exit configuration mode
- Hold flipper during game for status report.
The objective is to win boxing matches. Before you may enter a boxing match, you must have a Promoter, a Trainer, an Opponent, and sufficient Training.

The Trainer is the red target between the ramp and the left loop. One hit on this target will collect the Trainer.

The Promoter is the kicker hole below the left loop entrance; the plastic over the hole has an image of Don King on it. One shot into the Promoter will collect the Promoter.

An Opponent cannot be attracted until you have a Promoter. Once you have a promoter, spelling F-I-G-H-T via the drop targets will collect an Opponent.

Training may not be collected until you have a Trainer. Once you have a Trainer, training is available via jogging the loops, spinning the spinners (Heavy Bag), or entering the Gym (Speed Bag). The Gym is located underneath the Boxing Arena, and may be entered through the front door behind the Jet Bumper, or via the back door hidden behind the Boxing Arena. A minimum Training level of 50% (as shown on the Training bargraph) is necessary to enter a boxing match. The higher your Trainiing level is, the slower it is to collect more Training. The amount of punishment you can take during a fight is set by your Training level

Once the necessary Trainer, Promoter, Opponent, and Training are collected, the music will change to indicate that you may enter a boxing match. Knock on the Arena Door to open it, and shoot through the door to enter the Boxing match. The Arena Door is just to the left of the right loop spinner, and will be lit by a strobe when it is open.
After the introductions, the bell will ring and your opponent will emerge from the far corner; you will emerge from the near corner. Use the Arena flippers to punch your ball into the opponent, sending him to the ropes. The Alphanumeric Display will show your strength and your opponent's strength. Your opponent will move around to avoid your punches and throw punches of his own; later opponents will move faster and absorb more punishment than earlier opponents.

You score punches when you knock your opponent back into his corner. Your opponent scores punches against you when he contacts either of the center two retaining posts, or if your ball drains from the ring. If your ball drains while you have strength remaining, you will be launched back into the ring, and a plunger will briefly protect you from immediately draining again.

If you drain when you are at a minimum strength level, you will be knocked down and your opponent will return to his corner. If you knock your opponent back into his corner when he is at a minimum strength level, he will be knocked down and your Arena flippers will be disabled to force you to return to your corner. The referee will count to 10 while the downed boxer struggles to his feet; a boxer's ability to recover depends on his training level and how many punches he's taken. You can see your strength recover on the Training bargraph as the referee counts. If the boxer gets back on his feet, both boxers will re-enter the ring and keep fighting. If the count gets to 10, the fight is over!

If you win the boxing match, you will receive 75% of the the Bout Purse. If you lose the match, you will receive only 25% of the Bout Purse.

Fighting Again
After the fight, your ball will be ejected from the Boxing Arena and the Arena Door will close. You will keep your Promoter and Trainer, but you must attract a new Opponent (again by spelling F-I-G-H-T) and replenish your training (especially if you lost the previous fight).

If you win a fight, your ranking will increase, allowing you to skip fighters and reach the champ sooner. If you lose a fight, you must take on the next comer.

Fighting the Champ will result in a STREET FIGHT! Defeat each opponent by spelling FIGHT during a six-ball multiball! Defeating all ten boxers in the Street Fight will collect the Super Jackpot of ten million points!

The fight purse can be increased by hitting the Box Office target in front of the Boxing Arena (marked by a red starburst lamp), and by getting your Promoter to hype the fight. You will need to visit the Promoter first for a kickback; once your Promoter has his kickback, he will hype the fight for you. Each time you hit the Promoter to collect Hype, you must hit the Box Office before the Promoter will Hype for you again.

After the Trainer has been collected, Punch Power can be increased via the following methods:

- Loop Combo: Hit the Left and Right loops in rapid succession to light Punch Power.
- Loop and Ramp Combo: Hit either Loop and the Ramp in rapid successtion to light Punch Power.
- Drop Target Bank: Spell F-I-G-H-T after an opponent has been collected to light Punch Power.

Once Punch Power is lit, hit the Trainer to collect a Punch Power increase. The Punch Power lamp only stays lit for ten seconds, so hit the Trainer quickly!

Punch Power greatly increases the damage you do with each punch. Maxing out your Punch Power before a fight can turn a long fight into a short one, and is essential for tougher opponents.

There are several multiball modes available. The standard three-ball Multiball is available by sending the ball down the right ramp enough times to spell CHAMPION (or CHAMP, if selected by the operator) and locking a ball in both the Promoter and Weigh-In. Other multiball modes are available as Weigh-In Awards.

During Multiball, the Ring Entrance will score the Jackpot. The Jackpot will increase each time a Jackpot is hit. Hold down either flipper to see the current Jackpot Value in the Status Report.

When only one ball is left after Multiball, a quick shot to the Jackpot will re-start the Multiball mode.

The following awards are awarded randomly at the Weigh-In Kicker:

- Score 100x current weight

Award Level 1 (4 ramps):
- Score 250x current weight
- Collect Trainer
- Collect Promoter
- Add 15,000 to Bonus
- Advance Training Level 20%
- Collect Bonus
- Increase Multiball Jackpot
- Light Jet Bumper
- Light Punch Power
- Light Ball Save
- Add to bonus multiplier

Award Level 2 (8 ramps):
- Score 500x current weight
- Collect Opponent
- Add 25,000 to Bonus
- Set Training to maximum (100%)
- Light Extra Ball (shoot Trainer to collect)
- Quick 2-Ball Multiball
- Double Multiball Jackpot
- Increase Punch Power
- Bonus Held
- Light Long Ball Save
- Add 3 to bonus multiplier

Award Level 3 (15 ramps):
- Score 1000x current weight
- Collect Special
- Collect Extra Ball
- 5-Ball Multiball Frenzy
- Add 100,000 Bonus To Bonus
- Collect Maximum Punch Power
- Collect Jackpot
- Add 6 to bonus multiplier

Upper Playfield
Skill Shot - Hit the Gym back door with plunger shot. Scores 50,000 x ball number.

Upper Saucer - Scores 10,000 points and lights the Jet Bumper.

Upper Lanes - Each lane scores 500 if not already lit, or 250 if lit. Spelling B-O-X with the upper lanes increases the bonus multiplier and scores 1000. Either flipper button will rotate the lit letters.

Gym - Each Speed Bag hit scores 500. If the Trainer has been collected, training is increased.

Jet Bumper - Scores 500 if not lit, 5000 when lit.

Slingshots - All three slingshots score 10 points and toggle the inlane lights.

Mini Jet Bumper - This is the red bumper to the left of the large Jet Bumper. Scores 100.

Spinners - Score 100. If the Trainer has been collected, training is increased.

Loops - Each rollover in the Loops scores 50. If the Trainer has been collected, training is increased and the rollovers score 250. Scoring 4 Loops sets the Weigh-In Award level to 1; 8 Loops spots Level 2; 15 Loops spots Level 3.

Box Office Target - This is the narrow red target at the front of the Boxing Arena, surrounded by a starburst. Increases bonus. If an Opponent has been collected, the Box Office increases the Bout Purse.

Boxing Arena Door - Increases bonus. When a Boxing Match is available, the Arena Door drops to allow access to the Boxing Ring.

Boxing Arena Entrance - Behind the Door is the Entrance to the Arena. During regular play, hitting the Entrance will start a Boxing Match. In Multiball play, the Entrance scores the Jackpot value.

Secret Weigh-In Kicker Entrance - This is hidden behind the upper right flipper. Hold the right flipper when shooting from the Runaround flipper for an easy way into the Weigh-In Kicker.

Lower Playfield
Ramp - Scores 5000. The Ramp Diverter is toggled by either flipper button. Scoring Left Ramp spots letter in "KNOCKOUT"; spelling "KNOCKOUT" lights Extra ball. Scoring Right Ramp spots letter in "CHAMPION"; spelling "CHAMPION" lights ball locks for Multiball. Each player begins the game with two letters toward lighting the extra ball and ball locks. After each ball, player receives an additional letter toward extra ball and ball locks.

Ramp Spinner - Scores 10. Every 5th spin adds to bonus.

Drop Targets - Score 1000. If both the Trainer and Promoter have been collected, scores 1500 and spots a letter in F-I-G-H-T.

Trainer Target - When flashing, scores 1000 and collects the Trainer. When lit, scores 5000 and Training. The Trainer target drops when EXtra Ball is lit; shoot the kicker behind the trainer to collect the EXtra Ball.

Promoter Hole - If Promoter light is flashing, scores 1000 and collects Promoter. If Kickback arrow is flashing, scores 5000 and collects the Kickback. If the Kickback arrow is lit, scores 10,000. If the Hype arrow is flashing, increases the Bout Purse.

Runaround - The curved lane to the left of the Promoter. Increases bonus.

Weigh-In Kicker - This is the right kicker, covered by a plastic with a picture of a scale. Scores 10X the weigh-in value, which starts at 150 and increases randomly with each hit. Various awards in three levels may also be awarded. Caution... the ball may be kicked from the Weigh-In kicker to the Runaround or the Ramp, or the ball may emerge from the Promoter!

Inlane Rollovers - When not lit, score 250. When lit, increases bonus.

Outlane Rollovers - Score 500.

The Bell - The Bell sits in the right outlane. It is possible to bounce off this bell through a gate and back into play. When this happens, you have been Saved By The Bell and are awarded 10,000 points. Striking the Bell scores no points if the ball does not return to play.

Kickback - The Kickback sits in the left outlane. Score 5000 and kicks the ball back into play when lit.

Outhole - Scores bonus, multiplied by the bonus multiplier, and an additional 50,000 points for each Bout won. In addition, a bonus is scored for the current Weight Class, as follows:

Several aspects of the table are operator adjustable. When a game is not playing, push End to open the coin door. The left flipper changes from setting to setting, and the right flipper changes the value of the setting. The Start button sets the current value, and End closes the coin door. Available settings are as follows:

Balls per game: 3, 5, or 7 (Default: 3)

Outlanes: Easy, Medium or Hard (Default: Medium)
- Easy: The posts at the top of the outlanes are always up
- Medium: The posts at the top of the outlanes pop up on each new ball, and drop after a fight.
- Hard: The posts at the top of the outlanes are always dropped.

Loop Combos: Easy, Medium or Hard (Default: Medium)
- Easy: You have 3.5 seconds after a loop to hit another loop or ramp for a combo.
- Medium: You have 2.3 seconds after a loop to hit another loop or ramp for a combo.
- Hard: You have 1.8 seconds after a loop to hit another loop or ramp for a combo.

Tilt Sensitivity: None, Low, Medium, or High (Default: Medium)
- If set to None, tilt is disabled. Otherwise, sets the sensitivity of the tilt mechanism.

Skill Shot Value: 25000, 50000, 75000, or 100000 (Default: 50000) multiplied by the ball number.

Light Multiball: Easy, Medium or Hard (Default: Medium)
- Easy: Spell "CHAMP" to light Multiball. "C" is spotted at the beginning of the game.
- Medium: Spell "CHAMPION" to light Multiball. "CH" is spotted at the beginning of the game.
- Hard: Spell "CHAMPION" to light Multiball. No letters are spotted at the beginning of the game.

Light Extra Ball: Easy, Medium or Hard (Default: Medium)
- Easy: Spell "BOXING" to light Extra Ball. "BO" is spotted at the beginning of the game.
- Medium: Spell "KNOCKOUT" to light Extra Ball. "KN" is spotted at the beginning of the game.
- Hard: Spell "KNOCKOUT" to light Extra Ball. No letters are spotted at the beginning of the game.

Ghost Player Skill: Off, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (Default: 1)
If your location has the same player getting on the high score list over and over again, this setting will occasionally add new artificial high scores to the high score table with random initials. This will add some variety and some challenge for the repeat players. This option is disabled by default; if it is set to a value, higher skill levels will cause ghost scores to appear more often, and the ghost scores will be higher. Note: A ghost will never be the Fight Champ.

Replay Score: 850,000, 1,000,000, 1,200,000, 1,700,000, 2,250,000, 2,750,000, or 3,500,000 (Default: 1,200,000)

Max MBall Restarts: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 (Default: 3)
The number of times a Multiball mode may be restarted by hitting Jackpot within ten seconds. If this value is higher than 1, the last Multiball restart interval will only be five seconds.

Options are also available to reset all operator settings to defaults, and to reset the high score table.
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