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Finagle 5000 ("Finarkle" dice game) VP8

VP8 Flipperless Recreation Finagle 5000 ("Finarkle" dice game) VP8 vBy BJ 2020-01-28

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Points scored:
1's = 100
5's = 50
3 of a kind = face value x 100
Having all 6 dice showing as points = 500 bonus

On a "regular turn", a player can roll dice as long as points are scored. Those dice that are shown as points are "frozen" while the player has the option of rolling the remaining dice or passing the dice to the next player.

Player collects all points rolled up to the point of passing their turn to the opponent.

If, during any player's turn, all 6 dice are showing as points, 500 points are awarded and the player has the option of continuing their turn with all 5 dice or may collect all points by passing their turn.

If all 5 dice are rolled without showing any points, all points rolled during the turn, excluding the 500 bonus points, are forfeited and the next player takes control of the dice.

Once a player exceeds 5000 points, the other player will have one last "regular turn", rolling the dice as long as points are accumulated, to beat the other player's high score.

The person who has the highest score at the end of the game owes the other person $50,000 tax free per month for the next 10 years. Sorry, them's the rules!! :o)
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