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Fire Mountain (Zaccaria, 1980) VP8

VP8 Zaccaria SS Recreation Fire Mountain (Zaccaria, 1980) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Zaccaria 1980,
IPD No. 3097


-- ERUPTION FEATURE - Hitting all targets to the left or to the right lights the letters of the word - ERUPTION -. When - ERUPTION - is completely lit the special will light. When special is lit hitting center dropping target gives special as indicated on right hand score card.

-- BONUS FEATURES - There are two BONUS features one to the left and one to the right of the playfield. Each dropping target to the right, when hit steps the right hand bonus one position. Each dropping target to the left, when hit steps the left hand bonus one position. The top rollovers if hit when lit step both the left and right hand bonus two positions each. The ball leaving the playfield will collect first the left hand bonus and then the right hand bonus.

-- CANALS - The two targets in the left and right hand canals in the upper playfiel multiply the bonus when hit.

-- BALL RETURN GATE - Knocking down the right hand dropping targets advance the lights on the right hand bottom rollovers and open the ball return gate.

-- LEFT HAND SPECIAL - Knocking down the left hand dropping targets advance the lights on the left hand bottom rollovers and eventually light the left hand special.

-- SPINNING TARGETS - A hard shot via the spinning targets will cause the left or right bonus lamps to light momentarily and also light the fire target lights. When the fire targets are lit the corresponding left or right hand dropping targets will drop automatically.

-- SPINNING TARGET POST LIGHTS - When the posts are flashing extra points are scored when spinning targets are hit. Each lit letter of word - ERUPTION - scores 10,000 points.
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