Force II (Gottlieb, 1981) VP9

VP9 Gottlieb SS Recreation Force II (Gottlieb, 1981) VP9 v2.2

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Force II (Gottlieb, 1981) VP9 v2.2
by Destruk, TAB, Kristian
IPD No. 916

VERY quick layout & gfx rebuild v2.2 (Kristian). Finally found (probably) the only available picture for this table on the Net.
VP9 tested
No changes, should work 100% with VP9
Press F6 for dip switch settings. Thanks Inkochnito!


Red, white and blue rollover targets light spot targets of corresponding color.

Completing rollover sequence light white target bank for "extra ball"

Hitting any spot target when light lights both second ball launchers. Lit second ball launchers capture ball in play and release second ball to shooter.

Unlit second ball launchers spot red or blue drop targets. Completing red or blue target bank 3 times lights hole for "special".

Completing any drop target bank advances bonus X.
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