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Four Aces (Genco, 1942)

Genco EM Flipperless Recreation FP Four Aces (Genco, 1942) v1.1

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Four Aces (Genco, 1942) v1.0

Four Aces / IPD No. 929 / May, 1942 / 1 Player
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Date Of Manufacture:
May, 1942​
Electro-mechanical (EM) [?]
Serial Number Database:
Aviation - Combat - Military - Historical - Wartime - Warfare - World War II​
Flipperless [?]
Notable Features:
According to the manufacturer's ad placed in Billboard magazine dated May 2, 1942, this was their last game due to the shutdown in production as ordered by the War Production Board.​
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  1. Plunger.

    I fixed a malfunction of the plunger and its surrounding surface ( I hope).

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@FranciscoPozo Gave it a real good play with no errors, very nice :-) thanks
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