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Frontier (Bally, 1980) MOD

Bally SS Recreation FP Frontier (Bally, 1980) MOD v2.0

No permission to download
by Germax, martinB
at 2016-05-24
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1980
IPD No. 959

FP Physics 1.0

3-Ball / 5-Ball TableYou can choos balls per game by pressing Special-2-Key.
Special thanks to Urgsy for recording the sound of his real machine!
This table is a mod of Germax Frontier.

This table is a mod of :
Frontier 1.0

- Making A-B-C Lanes
1st time lites llipper return lanes for 15,000 and A-B-C lanes for Extra Ball.
2nd time scores Extra Ball and lites A-B-C lanes for special.
3rd and each additional times scores special
- Den of predators are lit by A-B-C lanes, left, center & right targets.
Each horizontal line of animals lit advances frontier bonus.
Each lit animal scores 3,000 bonus plus lit frontier bonus when ball is in outhole.
- Lighting all den of predators:
1st time lites 45,000 bonus and special.
2nd and each additional time scores special.
- Grizzly lane targets score lit values & lite frontier bonus multipliers.
- Maximum - 1 Extra Ball per ball in play.
- Tilt penalty - ball in play.
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