Funhouse (Williams, 1990) VP9

VP9 Williams SS Recreation Funhouse (Williams, 1990) VP9 v2.0 2020-01-28

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Funhouse (Williams, 1990) VP9 v2.0
by JPSalas
IPD No. 966

Based on William's table from 1990.

Revision History:
- New rails and backdrop.
Now the table is completely angle independent,
- new transparency, which also works for non hardware accelerated cards.

1.1 Released 20 August. Changes:
- fixed misplaced switch
- moved the upper flipper a little more up to make it easier to hit Ruby.
- fixed slingshots (but don't complain now if some shots doesn't register, even if you see the animation :) )
- removed the extra light on the right inlane

1.0 Released August 2009

OBJECT: Take control of the FUNHOUSE from Rudy, the Dummy, by putting him to SLEEP.
Put Rudy to SLEEP by advancing the FUNHOUSE clock to MIDNIGHT.
Shots that advance the clock are the Jet Bumpers, the Center Ramp, and the Wind Tunnel.

MULTI-BALL: At 11:30 on the clock a LOCK is enabled, LOCK a ball and the clock will advance to 11:45.
LOCK the next ball and the clock will advance to 12:00 putting Rudy to SLEEP.
While Rudy is sleeping shoot a ball into his OPEN MOUTH to start Multi-Ball.

MILLION PLUS: While in Multi-Ball shoot the ball into the TRAP-DOOR for 2 MILLION. The
TRAP-DOOR will close. Shoot a ball around the CENTER RAMP, to RE-OPEN the TRAP-DOOR for

MYSTERY MIRROR: Hitting Rudy in the JAW lights the MIRROR VALUE LIGHT. Shooting into the
WIND TUNNEL collects the value on the mirror. The value is changed by the JET BUMPERS.

LEFT BALL SHOOTER: The FUNHOUSE STEPS are lit by entering the MANHOLE to the Right of
the JET BUMPERS. Making the CENTER RAMP will divert the ball to the left ball shooter. Shoot for
one of the FLASHING SKILL SHOT values.

SKILL SHOT: From the right plunger shoot the ball BEHIND Rudy’s head to collect Rudy’s

Game Description:

The object of the game is simple on the surface, but has many levels and sub-plots to keep it entertaining.

Main Thing: advance the clock to midnight, then get ball to go into Rudy's open, sleeping mouth.
This will start a 3-ball multiball with opportunities to amass huge points. Shots to the Trap Door and then the main ramp build the bonus, and make Rudy scream like he's been electrocuted.

Sub-plot 1: get all the awards on the "Mystery Mirror" to start a super frenzy with fireworks-like sound and light effects
Sub-plot 2: get an extra ball by going around the "Gangway" (orbit) multiple times
Sub-plot 3: get one of 4 prizes using the steps ramp and unique left-side ball shooter.
Other fun things to do in the game:

Hit Rudy with the ball. His reactions are great! Especially try to get one in there while he is talking.
Open and use the "Trap Door" to get big points or start special scoring rounds.
Get the ball into "Rudy's Hideout" which is invisible and thus, hard to get to.
In multi-player games, the player who is addressed as "Slick" will also get extra comments from Rudy since he will be in Silly mode.
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