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Future Pinball Table Rules Collected

Support File FP Future Pinball Table Rules Collected 2023-08-09

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Just some table rules collected, a lot of Slamtilts tables and some others.

Aliens Legact RULES.pdf
ASTROBLAST rules.txt
BacktotheFuture RULES.pdf
BAM - How to add new BAM dynamic physics to a Future Pinball table _ Pinball Nirvana.pdf
FP Creating a CAB DMD.pdf
Gone in 60 seconds INSTRUCTIONS.rtf
GOT1.1 main rules.txt
GOT2.1 main rules.txt
HarlemGT rules.txt
Oblivion-rules (Engl).txt
Red Dwarf Tutorial.wmv
Robocop RULES.pdf
Space Station 2.0 Rulesheet.txt
Star Trek Rules.pdf
Streets of fire rules.doc
Swords of Fury Rulesheet Original Text.rtf
Swords of Fury Rulesheet.pdf
Tales of the Arabian Nights User Guide.pdf
TINTIN-main rules 1.2.txt
Transformers Rules.pdf
Tron Legacy Rules.pdf

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