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Galaga Pinball (Original)

SS Original Table FP Galaga Pinball (Original) v1.1

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Solid State Machines
Version 1.1 New Features
- New Translite.
- New elements in the Game Room.
- New process for calculating the number of shots and more real success rate.
- Correction of the last movement of the ship launching corridor.
- New process to enter the initial of the player when high score is obtained.
RULES (press pause in game to display)
STAGES: In each STAGE your goal is to destroy forty Martians.

CHALLENGING STAGES: There is a CHALLENGE STAGE after every two STAGES, and you have one minute to destroy the maximum number of Martians. If you destroy all forty Martians, you get 10000 bonus points. If not, points are awarded based on the number of dropped Martians, multiplied by 100.

BALLS AND MORE SPACESHIPS: You have five balls. Each ball comes with two spaceships. Bonus spaceships awarded at: 20000, 70000, 210000, 280000, 350000, 420000, 490000, 560000, 630000, 700000, 770000, 640000, 910000 and 980000 points.

EXTRA BALL: Awarded when you light the four launch corridor lamps.

AUXILIARY SPACESHIPS: You get an Auxiliary Spaceship for lighting the two central lamps and three violet lamps on the Spaceship. When you get an auxiliary Spaceship, two Martians are immediately destroyed.
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