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Genesis (Gottlieb, 1986)

Gottlieb SS Recreation FP Genesis (Gottlieb, 1986) v1.6

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by franzleo
at 2016-08-02
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Premier Technology (1984-1996)
Tradename Gottlieb
Date 1986
IPD No. 996

Physics 1.00

Mods of this table :
Genesis Plus 1.6

SPECIAL: Completing all Body Parts lights LIFEFORCE .Hitting the Vari-Target all the way back lights SPECIAL

EXTRA BALL: Completing 3 Body Parts lights EXTRA BALL .Completing next Body Part awards EXTRA BALL

SCORING MULTIPLIER: Completing Body Parts when needed advances Scoreing Multiplier

MULTI-MULTIPLIER: Scoring Multiplier is doubled during Multi-Ball play

BODY PARTS LETTERS: Letters awarded by hitting Vari-target all the way back or by scoring Flashing Targets or Sequences.

Return Rollovers flash Vari-Target for a period of time.Hitting Vari-Target all the way back when flashing awards a letter in all Body Parts.

Completing the Drop Target Sequence (1-2-3) awards a letter in the most complete Body Part.

LIFEFORCE: Expose Robot by hitting Vari-target all the way back when LIFEFORCE is flashing.

MULTIBALL: Completing Body Part when needed enables ramp for capture

ENTERING INITIALS: Enter letter by presing Flippers and Credit Button.
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