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Ghostbusters (Original) by Pod

SS Original Table FP Ghostbusters (Original) by Pod v1.0

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Solid State Machines
by Pod
at 2013-04-21
Type Original

My second and final table. There was never a real world pinball based on the Ghostbusters franchise which I always thought was a travesty. Heres my attempt to fill that void.

I hope you enjoy this table. Please leave a comment in the comments box if you have any feedback

Works with both Vanilla and Physics 2.5 but is designed and works best with 2.5.

Requires you to untick "Load images into editor" in the editors settings or it'll crash upon loading due to the size of the table and libraries.

Also untick "render game room" in video options as it has its own custom gameroom



P.s If you like this table be sure to check out my other table "Arcade Mayhem" also on this site.

V1.0 Changelog

First version

Ghostsbusters pinball takes you back to the 80's in an attempt to build your franchise and save the world from the threat of Gozer.
Aim for the spinners to drive to each main bust on your progress to get to top of Spook Central and close the door to the other world.

** Skillshot

Each new ball starts the skill shot
Time launching the ball to capture any of the 4 ghosts in your crosshairs to score an award
P - Points
G - Capture 3 Ghosts
$ - $30
D - Reduce distance to next bust

** General target behavior (often nullified by missions).

Left ramp - Capture 1 ghost.
Right ramp - Capture 1 ghost
Spinners - Greatly Reduce distance to the next bust
Loop - Capture 1 ghost
Bumpers - Build PKE meter towards a set limit. Once limit hit see Spook central
Spook central hole - Hit after building PKE meter to recieve PKE award (See PKE section)
Right hole - Hit when lights are flashing to start the next mission, trap ghosts (See ghost containment) or enter the shop (see Shop)
X's - Hit all 4 to advance multiplier
Spinner slingshots - Award $1 and 1 mile
$ targets - Light all 3 to get $30
Slingshots - advance 1 mile

** Shop

Spend money earnt to purchase upgrades to help your ghostbusters on their busts
Trap - Ghosts captured count as 2
Bait - Marshmellow man hits score 1.5 times
Engine - Double distance covered per spinner spin
Winston - Convert all 3 ball multiballs to 4 ball
EB - Gain an extra ball (once per game)
PKE meter - Doubles PKE awarded per bumper hit.
Vision enhancement - Double size of Ghosts in skillshot

** PKE awards
If you've at least 10 ghosts captured then the award will always be to light containment at the right kicker hole.

Otherwise it will award one of the following
Award 1 ghost
Award 2 ghosts
Reduce distance to next bust
Advance bonus multiplier
10 second ball saver
Extra ball (once per game)

** Ghost containment

After sinking the ball into the right hole (after lighting containment) the lower playfield will be revealed.
Hit the drop targets to lock each ghost into the containment grid. Shooting the ball around the top loop will increase the score multiplier.
Once the ball drains or all the ghosts are locked points and cash are awarded.

** Missions **

There are 5 missions started by dropping the ball into the right hole after using the spinners to reach the destination.

Library - Hit flashing shots to find the Grey lady and learn more about busting

Hotel - Your first proper bust. Hit the flashing shots to subdue and capture slimer.

Containment Breach - Uh oh. The EPA has turned up and shut off the containment grid. Use the spinner sling shots to increase the jackpot and hit the flashing shots to collect

Marshmallow man - The devastator has arrived. Hit his legs to score jackpots.

Gozer - The final challenge. Gozer has invaded new york. Climb the stairs of spook central with each ghostbuster to lock them into the final battle. When all ghostbusters are lost or locked then if you locked at least one man the final multiball begins. This is a timed frenzy, you get 20 seconds per ghostbuster locked (but you always get all 3 balls, 4 if Winston was purcahsed). Hit the balls through the marshmallow mans legs into the spook central hole to get the ultra jackpot!
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