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Gilligan's Island (Bally, 1991) VP9 by epthegeek

VP9 Bally SS Recreation Gilligan's Island (Bally, 1991) VP9 by epthegeek v1.0 2020-01-28

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Gilligan's Island (Bally, 1991) VP9 v1.0
by epthegeek
IPD No. 1004

This recreation of Gilligans Island by Bally would not have been possible at all without all the previous work that so many great table creators have done. It was only by looking at their work that I was able to do any of this. Huge, HUGE thanks to all of them - JPSalas in particular, as I'm sure I borrowed more of his genius than anyone else.


Collect the Ingredients of the Professors Lava Seltzer, then deliver it to the volcano!

1. Collect all the ingredients by hitting targets and shooting loops

2. Once all the ingredients are collected, collect the seltzer (by the big red arrow)

3. With the seltzer acquired, shoot the volcano ramp to take down Kona. It takes 6 shots before the timer runs out to get the big jackpot.


Hitting all the targets to spell 'Lagoon' awards a random prize the next time you shoot into the 'shells' tunnel. Prizes may be points, an extra ball, a free game, or Multi-Ball (Note: This is the only way to get multi-ball)


Extra balls in Gilligan are done at the end of the game -- and if more than one person has one, you just continue taking turns as if you just had more than 3 balls to use.


The kicker at the top corner will sometimes start 'Jungle Run' which will set the island up for shots. Once you hit a first one you have 7 seconds to hit another. If you keep getting back up the ramp inside of 7 seconds, the run continues. Point values vary for each Jungle Run.
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