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Godsey's Country Store (Original) VP8

VP8 EM Original Table Godsey's Country Store (Original) VP8 v2 2020-01-28

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A challenging and fast table based on Godsey's General Store from the Walton's TV series. Win store credits with the Captive Ball Feature. Press R for how to redeem them.
The Waltons is my 2nd favorite TV show, right after The Andy Griffith Show. Maybe part of the attraction for me was that it featured a struggling writer, which is what I saw myself as. But what really hooked me was Godsey's General Store. I went to the 7th and 8th grades at a school right across the street from an old-fashioned store very much like the one Ike Godsey ran on The Waltons. But back in 1959, when I was in the 7th grade, I was too young to appreciate exactly how special Klawitter's Store was. It took The Waltons and Ike to show me how wonderful Klawitter's had been, years after it was gone.
The Waltons portrayed an idealized vision, or version, of what most of us wish our family could be. I liked so much about that show, from the simpler way of life; to the way they respected one another, and their friends, as well as strangers and newcomers. For me, The Waltons was a guide to becoming the kind of person I wanted to be: kind, caring, and compassionate. While I surely feel short, that show did help shape me as an adult in many ways.
So, here is an original table that pays tribute not only to what I think was a very good show, but to a way of life I'm still wishing would return. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.
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