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Gone in 60 Seconds (Original) by rom

SS Original Table FP Gone in 60 Seconds (Original) by rom v2.3 Premium

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom
at 2015-09-10
Type Original

FP Zedpinball


First Installation:

This game plays best with Zedpinball Physics and has NOT been tested with original or any other physics. So please do not complain if you use different physics than the ones it was built and tested for.

The correct physics files are already included in the same folder as the "Gone in 60 seconds.fpt" file when you extract the downloaded "Gone in 60 seconds" pinball game.

So you do not need to do anything but extract the downloaded file and put the folder as it is into your tables directory.



cleaned up the script & the whole table:

1) some improvements in textures.

2) some details & models added.

3) cleaned the whole thing up. That should save you some FPS.

4) corrected some DMD text to display correctly.


VERSION 2.1 (Premium):

just a few improvments:

1) moved turntable a littel to the front so you can see the lane lights if you play in F2 (full table 2) view mode. F1 view will not be possible but in real life I suppose you do not play with your chin resting on the lockbar either.

2) added more music to the MUSIC PACK 2 library.


VERSION 2.0 (Premium):

Folder contains:

1) HQ TEXTURES FOLDER: contains library with high quality textures.

2) LOW TEXTURES FOLDER: contains library with low resolution textures.

3) MUSIC FROM MOVIE FOLDER: coontains library with music from the movie only.

4) MUSIC PACK 2 FOLDER: contains library with a mix of music from the movie and some alternate rock tracks.

NOTE: copy the library you want to use and paste it in the same folder as the "Gone in 60 seconds table" (the ".fpt" file). You will be asked if you want to replace / overwrite the existing one. Click YES.


HELP: If a ball gets stucked below one of the moving ramps then press "R" on your keyboard to release it.


This pinball game is based on the great STERN MUSTANG PRO pinball machine.

The theme has been changed to the movie "GONE IN 60 SECONDS".

Gameplay and rules are totally diferent to the STERN MUSTANG pinball machine.

The main goal is of course to get away with the FINAL CAR "ELEANOR" (the GT500 Mustang Shelby car).

To start FINAL CAR you have to collect the other 8 cars.


Mods of this table :
The main goal is of course to get away with the FINAL CAR "ELEANOR" (the GT500 Mustang Shelby car).

To start FINAL CAR you have to collect the other 8 cars.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE TOP LANES:

-complete TOP LANES to light the MERCURY CUSTOM car. Collect the MERCURY CUSTOM car in the scoop.

-complete TOP LANES to light the COBRA SHELBY car. Collect the COBRA SHELBY car in the scoop.

-complete TOP LANES to light the PLYMOUTH HEMI CUDA car. Collect the PLYMOUTH HEMI CUDA car in the scoop.

-collecting PLYMOUTH HEMI CUDA will light EXTRA BALL at the NITRO target on the left side of the playfield.

NITRO TARGETS: (red and black squares targets)

-hit all 3 NITRO targets on the RIGHT SIDE of the playfield to light NITROUS BOOST on the LEFT SIDE of the playfield. Hit the NITRO target on the left side of the playfield to collect the PORSCHE.

-The NITROUS BOOST target also collects EXTRA BALL if lit.


-Light all 4 LANES to collect the MERCEDES GULLWING car at the big ramp.

THE 180: (newton ball)

-Each hit to the NEWTON BALL counts as a donut. Do 4 donuts to collect the FERRARI 355 F1.

MULTIBALL: (drop targets in the center of the playfield)

-Shooting the drop targets reveals 2 targets. Hit one o fthose targets to shift gears. If you have reached the 6th gear, MULTIBALL is lit at the scoop.

-Starting Multiball collects the JAGUAR XJ car.

-During this 6 ball multiball you can collect normal JACKPOTS at the orbits and the lower ramp on the left side.

-THE SUPERJACKPOT can only be collected at the UPPER RAMP. To reach the upper ramp you have to SHOOT TO SWITCH (shooting the SHOOT TO SWITCH orbit and lower ramp SWITCHES the RAMP DIVERTERS).

-During Multiball you can not progress for other cars.


-The HUMVEE car mode starts immediately after you drain 5 of your 6 balls in multiball.

-Make all the yellow arrow shots to collect the HUMVEE.

-Other cars can also be collected during HUMVEE mode.


-This is the last car you have to collect. It starts if all 8 other cars are collected.

-You can collect cars in any order and as often as you want. But FINAL CAR will only start if all the 8 car inserts are on (collected).

-If FINAL CAR starts everything is shut off except the shot to make next to advance in FINAL CAR.

-In FINAL CAR you have to make all the yellow arrow shots. This time the shots are only lit one by one. The final shot is the BIG RAMP to collect the huge JACKPOT for getting away with ELEANOR (the final car).

-After FINAL CAR is collected, the game resets and you can start all over again and go for the big JACKPOT a second time.


-You can switch the ramps by shooting the SHOOT TO SWITCH inserts. Right orbit switches the diverters so you can either make a lower ramp shot or a upper ramp shot.

-Some shots can only be obtained by making SHOOT TO SWITCH shots.


-Each time you collect a car, the CASH FOR CARS inserts are lit in both outlanes. If you drain a ball into the outlanes, you score 500000 points for each collected car.

-A center drain does not collect these bonus points and CASH FOR CARS in unlit after a drain.


-Drive through the short cut (to the right side of the top lanes) to collect a score. The score value doubles every second time.


The 2 exits of the left ramp (into left in lane and right inlane) will pop up one of the 2 HAZARD DROPS. You have to make a ramp-droptarget-combo to earn 1 MILLION points. So make combos to get extra millions.
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