Grand Prix (Williams, 1976) VP9

VP9 Williams EM Recreation Grand Prix (Williams, 1976) VP9 2020-01-28

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Grand Prix (Williams, 1976) VP9
IPD No. 1072

Grand Prix for VP9.
Thanks to Ash for giving permission to update the table. Thanks to Grizz for redrawing the playfield and the other graphics. The old version (VP8) played great so there was no need to reinvent the wheel.

Compare the playfield with Williams' 1976 'Liberty Bell'.
A few of these games exist with solid state controllers. See Williams' 1977 'Grand Prix'.

Slingshots score 10 pts and switch Extra Ball Lights when lit.

Top Saucer scores lit value & Advances lit Bonus.

Upper Left Skill lane lites Bumpers.

Bumpers score 100 pts/1000 when lit.

Upper Targets score 1000 pts & Advance Star when both targets dropped.

Lower Targets score 1000 pts & Advance Star when both targets dropped.

Spinner scores 100 pts/1000 when lit. All Spinner lane lights lit
Advances Bonus.

Lower walls score 500 & Advance lit Bonus.

Lower Outlanes score 10000 pts & award Special when lit.

Lower Inlanes score 10000 pts & award Extra Ball when lit.

Left/Right Saucers award lit Bonus value.

Star Values: 1st Star lites Double Bonus & Left/Right Spinner Lanes. 2nd Star lites Extra Ball at Inlanes. 3rd Star lites Special
at Outlanes. 4th Star lit awards Special for each subsequent drop of ALL 4 Targets.

Extra Ball awards replay of current ball.

Special awards one credit. Multiple specials may be scored.

One extra play awarded at 640000 and 900000 pts.

Tilt disqualfies ball in play.

Match awards 1 credit.

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