Grandmaster (Original) VP8 by Per Thulin & Misaligned Cow Ventures

VP8 SS Original Table Grandmaster (Original) VP8 by Per Thulin & Misaligned Cow Ventures v2.00

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This exquisitely-designed table is a serious challenge, with an interesting ruleset that rewards exacting play. You really need to know what you're doing and where you're aiming in this classic, early-VP original. I recommend changing to five-ball mode from the nifty, built-in operator's menu. --@Ike Savage

- Capture squares and mate your opponent to move up through four tournament levels, to finally achieve the status of GRANDMASTER.

- This game features a 64-square, lighted chessboard and two 3x16-character white-on-black DMDs with text effects.



Light squares on the chessboard by shooting Pawn Targets and
Piece Targets.

Enable the Piece Targets by shooting the ramps
(combos required for the Rook and Queen). The targets can then
be hit while the Chess Clock shows the player's colour, while
the top gate is only open during the opponent's time.

Move to the ENDGAME by making the T-I-M-E rollover targets, and
lighting at least 8 squares with enemy pieces.


Shoot all Piece Targets to light the MATE light. Combos are not
required to enable the Piece Targets, and targets stay down when
hit. (The MATE light can also be lit by lighting all board squares
with enemy pieces, or lighting all squares surrounding the enemy
King, including the King itself).

Shooting the Chess Clock locks balls. 3 locked balls enables

Making the T-I-M-E rollover targets a second time enables Extra
Ball. (The ADJOURNED light is lit, and player will shoot again.)


Making the MATE counts down all bonus and moves you to the next
Master Level. Each level increases bonus multiplier. Any level
you achieve is carried over to the next ball of the game.


Each lit chessboard square counts toward the bonus:

* Own square: 500 points x Master Level

* Neutral square: 1000 points x Master Level

* Enemy square: 2000 points x Master Level
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