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Gropper's Popular Toy Game (Bagatelle) VP8

VP9 Flipperless Recreation Gropper's Popular Toy Game (Bagatelle) VP8 v2.0 + script fix

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(site notes, uploaded 10-Jan-2011)
By tiltjlp

Note from Xenonph:
This table would not run without a script fix.
I have uploaded a script fix version, along with original version for archival preservation.

Made in Brooklyn, this probably was sold mostly in and around New York City. My guess is that Gropper's Popular Toy Game was made anywhere between 1880 and 1920. While I have no real idea, I'm basing it on the end of the Civil War and WWI, and the crude nails that were used. But mostly the quaint name given to the game.

While it would be nice to think that Gropper's Popular Toy Game was made and sold to help improve race relations at a specific time in our country's growth, it was made to make money for the Gropper Company. Probably it would have been considered neutral for its time, so that it would sell to most any customer.

Being white, I won't guess how a black person would have viewed this game back then, or now. But it seems to me that the black men depicted are shown in a slightly better light than the white men are. As I try to respect everyone, I recreated this game because I found it interesting, and because it's a part of pinball history few if any of us have been aware of.

Thanks to Neo for finding a better, but slightly different image. Thanks to druadic for his interest and help in adjusting some of the objects that my shaky hands had incorrectly placed. Both of you have helped make a good game better. Neofs image is missing for small scoring holes that were shown on the original image, which Ifve included, and so I have kept the four scoring kickers from the first version, which aren't shown in the new version.
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