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Hamster! (Original) VP8 by Per Thulin & Misaligned Cow Ventures

VP8 EM Original Table Hamster! (Original) VP8 by Per Thulin & Misaligned Cow Ventures v1.20

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That hamster may be cute, but it's not easy to get all the items back to the nest!

This early-VP classic won't blow you away with bells & whistles, but unlike many originals, there's a carefully-designed ruleset here, and some real satisfaction to be gained from diligent play. The rubber ball-saver takes some getting used to, and there's some nicely-challenging (but make-able) shots. All-in-all, a pure pinball challenge, and a real gem of a VP original. --@Ike Savage



As a hamster, your main objective in life is to pouch foodstuffs and bring them home to your nest to put them on your hoard. When you have enough food in your nest, you may begin thinking about procreating...


This game has no plunger. Each ball starts in the NEST. When the IN NEST light is lit, press the Enter key to release the ball from the NEST.


The HAMSTER WHEEL in the middle of the playfield contains a blue arrow pointing to an item of food that may be pouched. Pouching can be done in one of three ways:

a) Complete the P-O-U-C-H drop targets. The food item indicated by the blue arrow in the HAMSTER WHEEL will be pouched (the coloured light next to it will light up).

b) Shoot the MEGA POUCH lane behind the drop targets. This will pouch the indicated food item as well as the opposite (identical) item in the HAMSTER WHEEL. (This also enables alternating ADD TO HOARD rollover targets. More about them under "Bonus Scores" below.

c) Complete the letters P-A-W by hitting the round centre target three times. Any "single-pouched" items lit in the HAMSTER WHEEL will become Wdouble-pouched" (both lights of the same colour in the HAMSTER WHEEL lights.)

The blue arrow advances when the spinner is hit, when a rollover target is made, and when a new food item is pouched.


Before each visit to the NEST, you must first open the NEST GATE by completing the N-E-S-T rollover targets.

Visiting the nest will empty any pouched food onto the HOARD. A Light in the colour and shape of each pouched food item will light up.


Leaving the nest with at least two different food types on the hoard will light the PROCREATE rollover target.

Make the PROCREATE TARGET to light the NEW LITTER arrow next to the nest entrance. Then re-visit the nest to produce a new litter: This starts a multiball mode, where the nest will release as many balls as the are lit lamps for the hoard -- which means you may have up to six balls on the playfield simultaneously. During multiball, all target hits score double, and the nest remains closed. (If N-E-S-T is made during multiball, it will re-open as soon as you are down to one ball again.)


When all six food type lamps are lit on the HOARD, spelling P-A-W will light the SPECIAL. Then, shoot the centre target a fourth time for a free credit.

Shooting the SPECIAL also lights the FEAST arrow, which means that next time you visit the nest, you will eat all the stored food to make room for more! (The hoard bonus is awarded and the hoard is emptied.)


At the end of each ball, you will get 5 000 points for each food type on the hoard, and 1 000 points for each currently pouched food item.

If a lighted ADD TO HOARD exit lane target was made during the ball, any pouched food items will be added to the hoard BEFORE the rest of the bonus is awarded.
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