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Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979) VP8

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Harlem Globetrotters On Tour (Bally, 1979) VP8 v1.0

No permission to download
Bally 1979,
IPD No. 1125

Thanks to Inkochnito for his work on the dip switch menus.

Here is an all new Harlem Globetrotters table for your enjoyment!


Important! Make sure you have the s3250u3 samples zip in your pinmame samples folder in order to hear the game sounds. Also, make sure the samples are enabled via the F1 menu.

Press F6 for dip switch options.

On 5 ball, you can see the bumper reels change states and alternate along with tougher rules (see rules). The 3/5 ball options are listed in the dip menu (F6).
I also recommend, if you don't use the nvram files with the recommended settings, to at least make the upper globe lights strobe via the dip menu. This makes things just slightly more challenging and it's a feature that really improves the attractiveness of the table.

The default VPM dmd window is disabled by default because of the display reels. However, if you want to access it to adjust the sound, samples, or anything else, then just press the "+" key to enable it. Then press the "-" (minus) key to hide it again. You may have to click on the screen first.

Table was built at 1600x1200 resolution and will display best at that resolution.

The default ball image looks best with ball antialias on (located in preferences, then video options only on VP7 versions) because it helps create a better looking ball reflection. There are also other ball images avaliable to choose from as well as ball scratch decals (default if enabled in ball options) and ball roll decals.

This table has the option for 6 or 7 digit display roms. The option will appear when you start the table.
I also included in this file my nvram files for both the 6 and 7 digit roms. These nvram files contain my recommended settings, which are mostly the factory recommended settings according to the manual. The nvrams also contain my sound adjustments. The rom volume was too loud for me, and so I adjusted it to go along better with the mech sounds. For the mech sound samples, I have my sound slider set at 47 (or nearly half way). That should be a good mech sound volume if you use the provided nvrams.

Also, in the zip file, there are rules included as well as the dip menu for the 7 digit roms. The 6 digit dip switch menu works fine even if you want to use the 7 digit roms. I think that the 7 digit dip switch menu isn't much different than the 6 digit one. Perhaps the option for more credits on a high score, but honestly, credits don't matter much in VPM! Still, if you only want to use the 7 digit roms, feel free to add in the 7 digit dip switches and remove the 6 digit ones.

That's it! Enjoy the table!
Basic rules and info:

Top saucer scores 3000 points and three bonus advances, spots lit G-L-O-B-E letter. Drop targets also spot lit letter. Completing G-L-O-B-E scores 50,000 points, and:

First time: lights left outlane for 25,000 points.
Second time (first time in 3-ball): lights Globe Special.
Third and subsequent time (second in 3-ball): awards Special.

Drop targets score 5000 points, advance bonus and advance Fast Break spinner value to 100, 200, 1000 and then 2000 points per spin. Last three drop targets also raise bonus multiplier to 2X, 3X, and then 5X. Drop all four targets to gain access to Free Throw saucer. Saucer resets drop targets and scores 25,000 points first time, then Special thereafter. Drop targets and Free Throw saucer are reset after each ball.

Players targets score 300 points. Completing player target bank lights Slam Dunk target for Extra Ball first time and Special second time. Slam Dunk also opens ball return gate, and scores 300 points or 5000 points after Extra Ball or Special have been awarded.

Return lane scores 300 points and three bonus advances. Left outlane scores 1000 points or 25,000 when lit. Right outlane scores 1000 points or 3000 when return gate is open. Ball through open gate closes gate again.

Center spinners score 100 points and advance bonus with every fifth spin when lit. Bumpers score 100 points or 1000 when lit.

When active, Super Bonus holds over from ball to ball once 20000, 30000 or 40000 bonus has been reached.

Tilt penalty: ball in play.

Maximum: one extra ball per ball in play.

Special awards one replay.

One replay awarded for a score of 280,000 points (3-ball) or 420,000 points (5-ball).

One additional replay awarded for a score of 400,000 points (3-ball) or 600,000 points (5-ball).

Beating the highest score to date awards three replays.

Passing 999,990 and looping the score back to zero awards three additional replays.
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