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Hawkman (Taito, 1983)

Taito SS Recreation FP Hawkman (Taito, 1983) v1.1 Tio mod

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by tio_italo
at 2015-10-01
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Taito Do Brazil, a division of Taito, Japan
Tradename Flipermatic/Liberty/Mecatronics
Date 1983
IPD No. 4512

FP Physics 1.0

This mod is based on Roney Pinball's Taito do Brasil Hawkman as an attempt to make the table work more closely to the original ROMs.

All sounds and many graphics were redone, and an online manual with game rules and information was added.

V1.0: few corrections and graphics updates.

V1.1: some graphics enhancements and gameplay tweaks.

This table is a mod of :
Hawkman 1.0

Press R key during attract mode to read the online manual.
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