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Hextech (Original) VPX with B2S

VPX EM Original Table Hextech (Original) VPX with B2S 1.2.0

No permission to download
This is my first attempt at building a table for Visual Pinball X. I built this using one of the beta builds for VP 10.1 (the first VPX version I found) but it should work with the [latest versions]. This is also my first attempt at building a electro-mechanical-style table in VP (all my others have been solid-state-style and modern tables). It is also my first table to use a B2S backglass.

Hextech is sort of based on and inspired from the PC game League of Legends. The world of League has multiple nations and city-states. One such city-state is called Piltover, a city that mixes technology and magic. It's kind of a steampunk type of place (and my favorite champ in the game comes from there). After playing League off and on since Season 3, one day I tried to picture one of the brainy types in Piltover (of which there are several) building a pinball machine. Hextech is an attempt to show what a pinball built in Piltover could look like. The table features electromechanical score reels and sounds, a dual bonus-counting system, two multiball modes, a gold ball mixed in with the normal silver balls, a captive-ball target, kickout saucers, and multiple drop and standup targets.

A few of the champions from League of Legends are featured on the playfield. All of them are either based or are from Piltover.

- Orianna is at the bottom of the table between the flippers. Her ball (an important part of how she is played in League) is at the midlane kicker
- Jayce is the one on the left orbit leading to the top-lane kicker
- Vi is on either side of the top V and I rollovers
- Ezreal is just below and to the right of the bumpers
- And my favorite champ Caitlyn is near the bot-lane kicker
- Cait is also on the B2S backglass as I used her original splash art as the base image

I built this table as a fan for fans of both League and pinball. I don't own any of the images or sounds used in this table. This table is not to be sold by anyone to anyone. The table is meant to be available as a FREE DOWNLOAD to be enjoyed by all. No profit of any kind is being made by the author of this table. If you bought this table either by ebay, or some other means, YOU WERE RIPPED OFF!!!

Unauthorized mods will not bode well with me. Modifications for personal use are okay, as long as they are not made public. Any suggestions or comments on how the table can be improved are welcome, you can email me at mcanime2035@knology.net. Or, you can PM me. Please keep comments constructive, as any non-constructive flames will be stoned to death ("Look, a flamer! May we burn him?") :)

The DB2S backglass file is included with the table zip. The zip file also has a TrueType font called Friz Quadrata. This is used in some text boxes on the backdrop, as well as in the B2S backglass, so you'll want to install this to your Windows Fonts folder to ensure you'll see the table as I originally intended, particularly if you intend to run the table in desktop mode without B2S. It may not be as important for the backglass as B2S may actually store the font as needed to run the backglass.

I personally run B2S single screen, and I have specific settings for the ScreenRes text file that B2S uses to determine where the backglass is located that matches the aspect ratio of image I used as the basis for the backglass. For the cabinet folks: The base image for the backglass is 1215x717, quite a bit smaller than a standard pinball backglass and the aspect ratio is also very different. Something to keep in mind when you try to run on a cabinet. I don't have one myself so I can't vouch for what it'll look like.


This table can be pretty brutal as far as quick drains, and the ball making a direct beeline for the outlanes. I'm not really sure how to tweak or fix it so it doesn't drain so much. I know of some real EMs that can be pretty brutal as far as quick drains. It's also why I set it to default to 5 balls per game. At the same time, it can be pretty fun too. Trying to get a multiball is probably where the points are on this table. Get a multiball with a gold ball in play and the table just goes ham with all the bells going off.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this little table of mine.
Take Care

Note: Finished table uploaded here based on this WIP thread. I suspect it may have been lost in the recent forum move, and I've PM'd Neo at VPF to double-check that. Thanks to Neo, Noah, and JPH for the hand in sharing this here. --@Ike Savage
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