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Hi-Lo Junior (Northwest Coin Machine Co., 1932) VPX

VPX Flipperless Recreation Hi-Lo Junior (Northwest Coin Machine Co., 1932) VPX v1.4

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Updated for more realism. See the table info for all the updates.

-All card holes are now 3D and they all open and close when a new game is played!
-"Hi Lo" label has been completely redrawn along with the two upper labels in the corners.
-Plunger has been updated for much better shots.
-Added a "clanking" sound when a ball hits the metal edge at the shooter lane.
-Added the top bounce back gate that opens and closes as ball passes by it at the top of the shooter lane.
-Proper ball dropping sounds (from Skill Cards by Giepen) have been added when a new game is started and sound great.



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