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Hit The Goal (Hercules Novelty Co., 1931) VPX

VPX Flipperless Recreation Hit The Goal (Hercules Novelty Co., 1931) VPX v1.3

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Updated from 1.2 to 1.3 for VPX.

A TON of updating here for more realism including working holes. Graphically updated as well and added using primitives for gates with proper colors. Plunger fully updated with nice ball shots and pins are now more usable via nudging. Balls now start on the play field at the start and all balls are LIVE.

ALL holes are now REAL HOLES. Watch the ball circle around the edges as they enter them!

I can honestly say that now, this game does not look or play as boring as it did! I'm enjoying this!

SPECIAL THANX to JP Salas at VPF for the help with understanding of primitives and how they work.

Enjoy the update.


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