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Hot Shot (Gottlieb, 1973)

Gottlieb EM Recreation FP Hot Shot (Gottlieb, 1973) v1.0 (Scapino mod)

No permission to download
by Larsboy, matthewfarmer, scapino
at 2005-11-24
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer D. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977)
Tradename Gottlieb
Date 1973-09
IPD No. 1247

FP Physics 1.0


Playfield and graphics recreated by matthew farmer
Behavior recreated by Lars Thomas Boye
VP version by Robair has been used for reference

-Models for the coinbox, plunger, bumper, gate are wrong
-one way plunger gate at top sometimes lets the ball back through to the plungerlane, also doesn't boince ball off as much as it should (can't change)
-slingshot plastic images are low res

Top Left Rollover: 1000 points.
Top Center Rollover: 500 points, spots 8 Ball.
Top Right Rollover: As Drew Carey would say, 1000 points.

Drop Targets (14): 500 each, spot corresponding pool ball.

Drop Target Rebounds: 10 points each.

Bumper: 100 points.

Targets: 100 points each, Special when lit.

Hole: 500 points, spots 8 Ball, opens ball gate.

Side Rollovers: 500, or 1000 when lit.

Return Lanes: 500 points each.
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