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Hotdoggin' (Bally, 1980)

VP8 Bally SS Recreation Hotdoggin' (Bally, 1980) v1.1

No permission to download
Version 1.1
Bally 1980
IPD No. 1243

Supersized terrain offers large bonus potential
Completing the S-K-I, F-U-N and H-O-T D-O-G-G-I-N bonus feature results in large operator adjustable rewards from points to an extra ball to more points and a special. The bonus can be collected by the outhole or the right kicker lane, when lit, and is multiplied by the in-line drop targets.

Sliding into the Saucer can be Rewarding 4 Ways
Each saucer entry scores 500 points. In addition, the saucer can be illuminated from the in-line drop targets for a special or from the bonus sequence completion for an extra ball or 25,000 points.

Special disappearing kicker for additional playfield run
The right kicker lane is illuminated when the ball goes thru the top playfield "K"; this activates the kicker to collect the bonus and thrusts the ball into play.

Ski the top 5,000
Completing S-K-I on the top 3 lanes, lites the 5,000 light. These lanes also lite the thumper bumpers for 1,000 points and the center lane ups the right kicker to collect the bonus.

Skill shots abound with 3 drop target assemblies.
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