Illusions 1 (Original) VP9

VP9 EM Original Table Illusions 1 (Original) VP9 2020-01-28

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Illusions 1 has less scoring chances but twice as many Gold Rebounders as Red Drains. While I made both Illusions and Illusions Night Vision back in the Spring of 2006, I have updated them for VP9, and they play flawlessly.

Both Illusion tables have the same basic features, but the White table, Illusions 1, has some tweaked settings to hopefully keep the ball in play longer. The two tables, inspired by Richard Bach’s novel Illusions, combine some features usually found on bgatelle and flpperless with more traditional flippers and bumpers. I have commented out the flipper sounds in the script, and offer 7 balls per game. Feel free to change the number of balls, and to uncomment the flipper sounds, by simply removing the ‘ before Playsound “FlipperUp” and Playsound “FlipperDown”. And for those who notice I don’t use much music, each table has a different song at the end of the game.
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