Indiana Jones - Fortune and Glory Edition (PinEvent Lite, FizX 3.3)

SS Original Table BAM FizX FP Indiana Jones - Fortune and Glory Edition (PinEvent Lite, FizX 3.3) 1.3

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Solid State Machines
Very well done,
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Thanks so much Terry. I foresee many an hour being spent on this gem.
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good table
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awesome, tnx for this effort..
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As always, another masterpiece!
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Fantastic job Terry, as usual. Really breathed life into the old table, "breath of God or something" ... ; ))

Great lighting effects really sets a moody feel to the game. Sound and video clips are nicely appropriate to gameplay. Play is smooth and lively, target shots are very doable with accurate action off the flippers, bumpers and rubbers.

No problems loading, all the directions and info you need are provided. Just make sure you update BAM to at least version 365 before loading the table so there are no problems.

Thanks very much for this one
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Fantastic table!!! Sooo much fun!! Terry is the man!! Always look forward to his tables... Thank you so much for the work you put into it... CANNOT wait until until the next one...
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Great table, thank you.
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Love it !
Thanks Terry
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This is amazing, thank you!!
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Best Indy table ever. Probably one of the best pinball tables ever, virtual or real.
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