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Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders (Original) VP9

VP9 Original Table Recreation Video Games Invader Fall II - The Revenge of the Invaders (Original) VP9 v1.1

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You thought you had them beat.
You thought they had given up.
You are wrong. So very wrong...

The Invaders are back, once again falling down towards you. Use your pinball to stop the invasion, but beware, just when you think they are retreating they bring reinforcements. Including jumping straight from their UFOs. You must fight on, and throw everything you have into beating their leaders.

Do not let them win.

You are our only hope.

Use the flippers, and however much nudging you like, to guide your balls. As long as your base is behind a building you are safe and any lost balls will be returned. However, if an invader reaches the bottom and turns red, they destroy that building and a lost ball will result in a lost life. Keep the bottom row clear as much as possible. If you hit a UFO the bottom row is cleared.
After the first wave, all but the bottom row will retreat to the top of the screen. The second wave increases the number of invaders that can appear each time. At the end of the second wave, you must clear all the invaders, but beware of UFOs dropping off reinforcements.

Once the Boss appears multiball is launched, one ball for each life you have. Lose a ball and that life is lost. Break your way through the shields to destroy it.

You get an extra life at the end of each wave, when you clear the last invader, and for beating the Boss.

If you prefer a more video game-style view (as in the 'flat' invader screenie blow), check Table Info before running.
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