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Iron Maiden (Original) MOD by dgs, pinner

SS Original Table FP Iron Maiden (Original) MOD by dgs, pinner v1.13

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by dgs, pinner
at 2011-07-29
Type Original

All work has been done by DG (or dgs).
Original table can be found at:

par D.G.S.
Le 15/06/06
Une création originale de D.G.S.
Codé par D.G.S.

Most rules are original. However I don't understand French and translators were not helpful.

Knock down MAIDEN to activate the playback trigger. Hit the trigger to start playback. When the ball is lost music stops and the INTRO will be played.

Light all letters of IRON at the top of the table to get a multiplier and 1.000 points per multiplier. Multiplier gets lost when you drop the ball.

Knock down the 6's to get a bonus.

The LOCK blocks the left and right exit lanes as well as the center exit. It gets activated when you hit the correct things. This feature last 30 seconds.

Extra balls
Yes it got extra balls. EDDIE and HUNTER are the key.

Complete CHARLOTTE to get a special.

Complete FEAR OF THE DARK gives a bonus.

There things that give you enormous bonus.
[MOD CHANGES], without asking for explicit permisson, all credits to DG

' MOD version v1.11 (v1.10 + 0.01)
' fixed script error on status text
' replaced website with link to original table (site seemed down anyway)
' translated status text to English
' translated text at the head of the table
' removed lower left HUD along with it's status text (took too much space for me)
' removed status text (5 insert coin; 1 start)
' removed points from some status texts
' removed some more status texts
' removed bonus points HUD
' raised 666 complete points from 5x.xxx to 66.666 (you can get high scores anyway)
' added GAME OVER status text when the game ends
' added START NEW GAME at begin and THANK YOU! on coin insertion
' plunger key clears status (displays " " [SPACE])
' removed BONUS points status display (points can be still crazy, since I only modded the display)
' "IRON MAIDEN" as background image while loading
' removed strange sound, replaced it with default droptarget sound, removed sound file (saves few kb)
' resized the boxes in this sript, which makes it easier to scroll through it
' removed sound which I found disturbing, removed coresponding sound file (saves few kb)
' turned intro music from MP3 into OGG vorbis (saves over 1 MB, without loosing quality)
' turned all songs into OGG vorbis (saves 19 MB, without loosing quality)
' removed status for a BONUS
' removed the word COMPLETE from all status messages titles (kept those when it's complete)
' removed comments when they appeared directly again

' MOD version v1.12 (v1.10 + 0.02) (SCRIPT START LINE = 23; SCRIPT END LINE 5107; comments) (unreleased)
' fixed playback trigger; if triggered, but ball was lost it couldn't be activated with a new ball (big change, although small)
' activate lock on playback start if not already locked; turns on the lock light, doesn't flash (to appear different), no points
' the above has been changed because it's annoying when you trigger playback but loose the ball a second later
' make music end on GAME OVER [EndofGame] an INTRO start again
' show IRON MAIDEN logo on GAME OVER rather than a COVER or TILT logo
' disable lock and it's lights on GAME OVER
' reduced points for playback start since it can be triggered more often
' notify about playback start/end, doesn't notify about points anymore
' removed multiplier HUD as it's shown on the table and shown as status text
' show the current player (hud_player) (easy when you know how and don't make mistakes)
' removed points from all status text except for the bonus-list
' disable lock after 666 is complete (if active)

' MOD version v1.13 (v1.10 + .0.03) (SCRIPT STARL LINE = 23; SCRIPT END LINE 5099; comments)
' activated availalbe DEBUG messages
' activated already existing script, to prevent a higher multiplier then "9" (nessecary?)
' use init_lock after 666 is complete (instead of disabling the lock manually)
' fixed, forgot to disalbe lock timer after 666 has been hit (lock gone was displayed, although it should not)
' added default high-scores (you can beat them) (you can beat the beast, the number of the beast)


' Ball gets stuck in "MAIDEN" on pulse under some circumstances (bump table to re-release the ball) (original table has this issue too)
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