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Jetsons (Original) VP8 by Stein

VP8 SS Original Table Jetsons (Original) VP8 by Stein v630 with music

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Jetsons (Original) VP8 v630 with music
by Stein
- Hit Left Kicker to activate Combos.

- Light all Ramp Multipliers to light Extra Ball kicker.

- Lighting ASTRO lights enables Ball Saver.

- Lighting JET lights increases Bonus Multiplier.

- Completing Top Three Bank once enables SuperSlings, twice enables
SuperJets, three times enables SuperDrops, four times enables
SuperSpinner and the fifth time the Bonus is Held.

- Hitting the MultiBall target three times in standard play drops
the MultiBall target, allowing access to the MultiBall ramp.

- Slings score 2,500 and 10,000 when SuperSlings is lit.

- JetBumpers score 2,500 and 10,000 when SuperJets is lit.

- Ramps score 5,000.

- Lighting all 2x Ramp Multipliers scores 100,000 bonus and lights

- Lighting all 3x Ramp Multipliers scores 100,000 bonus and lights
Extra Ball.

- Lighting both kickback targets enables KickBack.

- Spinner scores 1,000 and 5,000 when lit. Spinner scores 10,000 point
bonus for hitting again within ten seconds.

- When a mode is completed successfully a 50k bonus is awarded instantly.

- When all modes are completed a 100k bonus is applied for each mode
finished successfully. Additionally, one credit is awarded.

- Completing all modes successfuly scores 750k and awards 3 credits.

- Hitting right kick-back lane three times opens the lane diverter on
gold ramp for Bonus Frenzy.

- One Extra Ball per Ball.

TopThreeBank Awards
Super Slings
- Slings score 1,000 points. Normally 100 points.

Super Jets
- Jet Bumpers score 10,000 points. Normally 2,500.

Super Spinner
- Spiner scores 5,000 points. Normally 1,000 points.

Super Drops
- Drop Targets score 10,000 points. Normally 2,500 points.

Bonus Held
- Bonus Multiplier carried over to next ball.

Modes (mode times may change for final version)
100 Sprockets (mode1)
- make 100 sprockets in 60 secs to save job.
All ramps lit, each ramp makes x amount of sprockets.

Food Frenzy (mode2)
- The food dispenser has gone crazy. 4 ramps lit,
shoot out all 4 lights in 30 secs to turn off dispenser.

Off Work (mode3)
- Fly George home in his skycar. One modelight lit, if
hit add 10 secs, then next light. goal : hit 4 lights.

Infiltration (mode4)
- Spy on Cogswell. George must pass thru several doors to
Infiltrate Cogswells factory. 30 secs to score 100 revolutions
on spinner, every rev adds 1 sec.

Sprocket Overload (mode5)
- Help Rudy turn off the sprocket machine.
30 secs to drop all targets. targets stay down
till mode over or complete.

Recharge Rosie (mode6)
- Rosie's rechargeable batteries have lost power,
help start her up again. 60 secs to light 4 lights.

3-Ball MultiBall
- Two mode lights lit, mode light 2 increments Jackpot by 10k.
mode light 9 pays Jackpot value starting at 50k

- Ball Saver on for 20 secs. Losing a (Multi) Ball will not disable the
Ball Saver as in standard play.

2-Ball MultiBall Frenzies

- Hitting the right Kickback lane three times enables Bonus Frenzy.

- Hit the Lane Diverter / Gold Ramp to start Bonus Frenzy. Bonus Frenzy
is 2-Ball MultiBall with a Doubled Playfield. At end of Frenzy the
Bonus is instantly scored.
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