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Jimmy das Gummipferd (Mün-Ma, 1950's) VP8 by Cyberyogi

VP8 EM Flipperless Recreation Jimmy das Gummipferd (Mün-Ma, 1950's) VP8 by Cyberyogi v0.9 2020-01-28

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Jimmy das Gummi Pferd ("Jimmy the Rubber Horse") is a main character from the enduring comic book series Julio and Jimmy, later retitled Julio's Adventurous Journeys. (I'm guessing that rolls off the tongue more easily in German)

More info on the comic here:

As for the table, there's not a lot of info out there, so I'll leave it to the author, one Christian Oliver Windler, via his site, WeltenSchule.DE:
This is likely one of the greatest 1950's multiball machines made in Germany. It's a massive multiball game with up to 10 balls operating simultaneously that encircle the playfield in a race track named Zirkulator. Those with sufficient skill can enter the playfield through the top gate. This ancient machine was far beyond its time and plays fantastic! Also, you must hear its mechanical sound effects - this thing has rhythm! It was a lot of work to re-create this unusual machine, but it was worth the effort, so please enjoy.
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