Joueur du Grenier (Original) by Aduke

SS Original Table FP Joueur du Grenier (Original) by Aduke v1.41

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Solid State Machines
by Aduke
at 2021-05-29
Type Original

Custom PhysicsFP Physics 1.0

The second (and last) pinball from 2019. An old project from 2010 took from archives.

This table as a DMD, it's a prototype. Probably will use DMD for next pinballs. Give me your feedback.

As always, a big thanks to "BAM" for possibilities to make custom physics & bug fixes. tested on 1.4-233 just fine.

Biggest update ever done so far for me, decided after 1 year of release, the "Revision 2020-1.40". Must be released for christmas at first, but I prefer to be sure that everything is fine. Possible minor update coming if necessary, but this is actually the stable version.

A gameplay? Yes, of course, all showed here except wizard mode (1.36 Beta) : See above

What's news in Joueur du grenier 1.41?

- Added Bonus Hold for end of ball bonus

- Added ROMs & cheats bonus in last ball for end of ball bonus

- Separated end of ball bonus points for played & completed console.

- More flasher animation.

- More GI animation.

- More playfield lights animation.

- 2x & 3x scoring timer re-balanced system.

- 2x & 3x scoring timer stop when Last attack Multiball is starting.

- Completing Megadrive didn't stop mode. Fixed

- Final SNES animation not show in single ball. Fixed

- End of ball bonus points not reset. Fixed

- Last attack multiball keep super jackpot value if not completed. Fixed.

- Last attack multiball value print 0 if completed. Fixed.

- Instant info print not prefect. Fixed.

- Code optimisation

What's news in Joueur du Grenier 1.40?

- Playfield texture more complete & improved

- Additional information about ROMs & cheats on playfield.

- Added DMD animation (global)

- Added super pops

- Added display value of ROMs & cheats

- Added condition to light Extra ball. Mystery, start 2 or 5 console, 11,5k fast scoring value.

- Added secret skill shot

- Transformation value variable. 20k 50k & 90k. Only 10k when nothing to do

- Transformation adding how many left before console.

- Vengeance multiball rename to Annihilation multiball

- Joueur mystery has more selection

- Selective Skill shot enable

- Variable Skill shot value, depend of selection.

- Add more time is avaiable in fast scoring mode if value is 10,6k 11,2k or 11,8k

- Cheats collectable by upper right inlane enable

- ROMs collectable by upper left trigger enable

- Cheats can be used to advance in mode.

- Added Mario coin effects & lights for Nintendo 64 mode and super pops reward.

- Wrong value printing while collect shots in console mode, but points given OK. All Fixed.

- ROMs complete a mode immediatly, except playstation.

- Double & Triple jackpot award 1 password

- Variable Jackpot value.

- Super jackpot in Annihilation multiball award 1 ROM

- Super mystery is now a user selection.

- Super mystery printed mode total. Fixed

- JOUEUR's lights on panel not working proprely. Fixed

- Possible to lit console mode but with all 8 started or completed. Fixed

- Xbox letters not reset on the second turn. Fixed

- Playstation letters not reset on the second turn. Fixed

- Playstation not counting mode total value proprely. Fixed

- Nintendo 64 not counting mode total value. Fixed

- Problem when no skill shot is on, super skill shot still active. Fixed

- Lock for Annihilation multiball not enable after Playstation mode. Fixed

- Lock for Annihilation multiball issue in some condition, multiplayer only. Fixed

- Annihilation jackpot reward when not ready in some condition. Fixed

- Double & Triple jackpot not given if a console shot is ready. Fixed

- Left orbit give always award. Fixed

- Musics restarted or error when a second lock is done. Fixed

- Console shots can't be done while Annihilation multiball is running. Fixed

- Jackpots are awarded if a console shot is ready, it must not. Fixed

- Extra play mode not reward for consoles completion. Fiwxed

- Extra play console didn't switch proprely. Fixed

- Extra play removed a console completed in the mode for next balls. Fixed

- Replay animation slow down blinking texts. Fixed

- Multipled scoring start by upper kicker.

- Popup for bumpers added. This will increase bumper time & hit chance.

- 2x and 3x has progressive text on DMD.

- 2x scoring can have a various timer. Timer is resetable.

- 2x scoring is now ON for 30 seconds. It was 20 before.

- 3x scoring is now avaiable. Timer is for 20 seconds.

- Extra play animated.

- Last attack multiball avaiable. Mode based for the "11 years video".

- Playstation super jackpot divide by 2 timer mode.

- Playstation jackpot not increase timer anymore if mode is completed.

- Easier to light console mode

- Harder lock for annihilation

- Harder kickback relit system

- Better quality for xbox music mode.

- More flasher animation.

- More GI animation.

- More playfield lights animation.

- Added new sound

- Code optimisation

- Minor bugs fixes

What new in 1.27? Simply the "test mode" removed from the script

Known missing things & bugs on 1.26
- Missing DMD animations
- Sound not all present
- Super Mystery display not correct
- Console not draw on playfield
- Selective skill shot
- Password cheats
- ROM bonus completion

- Lock for Vengence multiball issue in some condition (while multiplayer game)
- Musics restart or error when a second lock is done.
- Unmanagable 2x scoring timer
- Mystery total mode print
- Last attack multiball not done

Why are we at 1.26 like a beta?
This pinball was started in 2010 when JDG was new and when I have no skill
to script it. There were some version then I take everything back to 0, like this one.
At first it was a LCD display but to much memory problem and stability for FP.

Tell me if you're victim of a bug or something wrong/not normal to happend (stuck balls).

Pour information, je parle aussi Francais si vous préférez ;)
Joueur du Grenier, who is this guy?

Do you know Angry Video Game Nerd? It's the same concept but made in France. I was a big fan when he has started, it is not really like before now. Playing "awful" retro video games, he will try to complete it anyway by cheating, becoming crazy, etc.

Well if you want to discover him, it's not too late :

Pinball is mostly based on the 26 first videos.
Main rules:

- Console mode : Get to upper playfield to advance transformation and light Console mode.

- Vegence Multiball : Shoot short left lane to lock captive balls.

- Fast scoring : Get CDs by the 2 left targets.

- Joueur mystery : Complete all upper targets, then hit the right one near the spinner.

- Extra play: Play at least all consoles.

- Last attack multiball : Play and complete all console.

Something else we need to know before playing game?
- The "S" key allow you to use the center button of the pinball (useful for build menu & video mode)
- 1 To 4 can play
- 3 Balls per game by default
- If ball is locked, a ball search is present
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