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Been a long time since I have done one of these solo.

I love the classic Bally tables. They were the perfect definition of "easy to learn, fun to play, hard to master" as quoted by Harry Williams. When I decided to do this table, I thought about how much I wanted to pay tribute to those great classic games that I wasted so many quarters on in my youth. Jungle Girl is respectively dedicated to the people of Bally, for giving me a respite from the grind of life.

Jungle Girl is based on the comic book series from Dynamite Comics, and I selected that theme because you just can't get more pinball like than a pretty girl in a bikini fighting dinosaurs. I wish to thank all the talent that helped create this game.

Additional contributions by popotte, smoke,PolyGame, GeorgeH, Francisco666, Gimli, and Ravacade. Art by Frank Cho, Adriane Batista, and others

Jungle Girl is powered by the fpxEngine. This is the original version, and not the latest build, as the JG code is very complex and would have taken a long time to port over.

This requires the latest version of BAM (version 275 and higher). If you do not have Future Pinball with BAM installed, I would recommend you use the all-in-one installer:

Also, I have included the master files higher res verions of the art for those with 4k cabinets

Jungle Girl has a lot of settings that can be changed within the script including adjustments of BAM settings, as well as the Ball rolling sound script from smoke. This also debuts some brand new systems that I have written just for Jungle Girl, mostly to try and get FP to "play nicely" and to work around some of the more annoying things with FP physics. These are experimental, and are switchable in the script.

- fpxshivaCustomPhysics - This is my new custom flipper settings designed to give a more stable shot power from the flippers, and to correct the extreme angle that a ball will leave the flipper, especially closer to the tip. This also has individual forced settings for the speed of the ball based on the contact point of the flipper. FP is known to have problems with the full range of shots, it either shoots more to the side, or shoots more towards the center. This system gives you the full range of shots, and the strength is set to give more "Natural" shots so the top lanes are a lot easier to make. If you wish to use the base Dynamic Flippers found in most newer FP tables, then set fpxshivaCustomPhysics=0

- fpxNoSuperbounce - This is a brand new system, designed to have prevent the ball hit and behavior problems when the ball hits a target. FP targets have a bad flaw, in that sometimes a ball will shoot off at a bad angle and at higher speeds when it strikes a target (especially horizontal targets) This constrains the ball from doing that and also lowers the speed of the ball when it strikes a target if the ball is traveling very fast. The effect sometimes looks wrong, so consider this a proof of concept for other devs to look at and maybe come up with better settings. This is also used on the Inline Targets as well as the button targets. Set this to "0" to turn this off, but I wouldn't recommend it as the Inline Targets may have a lot harder time scoring on a skillshot (another very nasty FP bug).

- The skillshot has 2 settings. fpxSkillShotHard has 2 routines, set at 0 is the easy one as there are 4 cycles, one for each target and a 4th with all 3 inline targets are down for a clear shot at Instant Multiball. fpxSkillShotHard set at 1 has only the 3 cycles, just the Inline targets one after another (no clear shot when the targets are all down)

- fpxSetBounce adjusts the amount of bounce when a ball hits the flipper. The higher the number, the more bounce (up to 10) 7 is a good number.

-fpxBallShadows -You may not like the new ball shadow effects. Set to "0" to turn off, 1 to use BAM defaults, and 2 for my personal settings

- Below the main settings are dev settings, mainly for my use, but if you have used this type of code you can adjust them if you wish

You are never going to get FP to play properly, the physics are just crap and buggy as hell, the best we can do is try and cover up the flaws, or at least get the problems with FP physics to happen as few times as possible. I put in a lot of things to help out FP physics, but most importantly, just tried to make this table as fun to play as possible. Everyone is welcome to play around with it, comment or make suggestions.

I'm going on vacation very soon, and be back in March, but any issues I will fix towards a final release. Just let me know.

Have fun everyone!Future Pinball - © 2008 BSP Software Design Solutions 2020-01-31 11_58_54 AM.pngbackglass.jpgjg_cab.jpg
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