Jungle Queen (Gottlieb, 1977) VP99

VP9 Gottlieb EM Recreation Jungle Queen (Gottlieb, 1977) VP99 v1.0 [DT][B2S] 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Jungle Queen (Gottlieb, 1977) VP9.9 v1.0 [DT][B2S]
by starman mod by StevOz

Many thanks go to Starman for this table and his permission to mod.
Rascal for rotating the sticky note emreel images.
jpsalas for the game room backdrop.

Rotated and changed Backdrop settings for desktop.
Added jpsalas game room backdrop.
Adjusted ScreenRes.txt
Adjusted the kicker surfaces so the ball falls in proper.
moved and rotated sticky note high score.
Added flyer.
Added new VP9.9 modern plunger.

There are several files in the folder just copy them all to your tables folder, then the B2S should work fine.

(flyer & backglass below)​
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Latest updates

  1. Flyer, release notes and thread.

    Added flyer, fixed discussion thread updated screenshot.
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