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K-On! (Original) by masayume

SS Original Table FP K-On! (Original) by masayume v0.40

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Solid State Machines
by masayume , Popotte
at 2010-08-29
Type Original

A total conversion of Kiss by Popotte (http://www.pinsimdb.org/fpreleases/tables/686-kiss).

The theme for this pinball is the famous japanese anime "K-On" by Kakyfly & Kyoto Animation.
It features more than 100 original sound samples from the serie and more than 30 samples of the original (very catchy) soundtrack songs by Houkago Tea Time.

latest adds: more lights, effects, images, songs. Some tweaks. Added song titles.
They are the same of "KISS".

Hit central upper lane to open right gate.
Try to hit three times Mugi's keyboard on the right to lit 2X, shoot again and special.
Hit other targets to lit the central rows and columns of hearts to lit special.
The 5 girls cry and cheer with the player as the game progresses through original samples from the anime randomly choosen.
It's way more amusing if you know the "K-On!" serie.
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