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Kewpie Doll (Gottlieb, 1960) VP8

VP8 Gottlieb EM Recreation Kewpie Doll (Gottlieb, 1960) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

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Kewpie Doll (Gottlieb 1960) VP8
IPD No. 1358

A new VP8 build of the 1960 Gottlieb game Kewpie Doll - The Last Wood Rail. Kewpie Doll was released in October 1960 and was designed by Wayne Neyens with Art by Roy Parker. 950 Kewpie Doll games were produced making it moderately rare today.

Kewpie Doll's place in flipper game history is that is was the last Wood Rail pinball game ever produced. Metal had gradually replaced wood for the lower and upper apron covers, and after Kewpie Doll it replaced the outer rails as well. This was all based on cost, and metal had become cheaper than wood over time. In this era, the "Score to Beat" window on actual games just had a card that the operator put there with a score that would encourage players to keep playing the machine a bit longer. It had no effect on the game itself. I have put the actual high score on the backglass in the "Score to Beat" window. As with all of my games, pressing the "R" key will display the game rules and feature keys.
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