Killer Klowns (Original)

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Solid State Machines
Killer Klowns (Original) v1.5

As the old saying goes-- "with the coming of spring, it's time for evil clowns."

Table has been restored from our defunct daughter site, Pinball-Originals.
Attached, also find the FS-view, as well as a Hyperpin wheel logo. --Ike

Light all in lane and out lane lights to light Multiball. During multiball adds 2000 bonus. Flippers rotate lights and lights stay lit even when ball lost.

Knock down bank of drop targets to light 2500, 5000 and 10000. Also receive 500, 750 and 1000 bonus.

Light all 3 lights at top of playfield for bonus multiplier. Flippers rotate lights.

Spinners 50pts per spin.
Bumpers 100pts + 20 bonus
Leaf targets score 25pts
Slingshots score 50pts
In lane 50pts
Out lane 50pts

Press 'o' to toggle DMD grid on/off

Inspired by the Killer Klowns from outer Space.

Main theme music By the Dickies.

Multiball music - Ghosts and goblins Instant remix by Instant Remedy.
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Fantastic art
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This table is polished! II love the concept and the playfield art. This looks like a machine that Bally or Williams could have created or Gottlieb. The colors work well together. But one thing I think would be cool would be some toys or drop targets with clown faces, what do you think?
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