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King Arthur (Original)

SS Original Table FP King Arthur (Original) v1.1

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Solid State Machines
King Arthur (Original) v1.1


- The shields are completed with multicolored balls that correspond to each.
- The balls are achieved for entering the towers and corridors upper right.
- At the back of the lock rod opens a minute multiball lock.
- Extra ball: By breaking down the five drop targets, having completed the central shield.
- By breaking down the five drop targets: 15000 points.
- By completing the Roundtable: 500000 points.
- By lighting the four torches: 75000 points.
- By entering the towers: 12000 points.
- By entering the halls upper right: 12000 points.
- By turning off the lights in the lower side aisles: 5000 points.
- By getting multiball: 30000 points. And as long multiball bonuses.
- Shield Bonus: Bonus when the four colored shields are fully completed.
- For back completely lock rod: 30000 points.
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  1. Table had lost its screenies and rules.

    This looks like another nice original from my man GaBRi, so I've restored the missing stuff. --Ike