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Knight Rider (Original) DOFLinx Cabinet Edition

SS Original Table FP Knight Rider (Original) DOFLinx Cabinet Edition v1.0

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by rom, TerryRed
at 2017-02-01
Type Original

CabinetDOFLinxFP Physics 2.5

A video demonstration of this table in my cabinet can be seen here:
Please Read before downloading!

This DOFLinx modded version of Knight Rider is intended to be used with a real pinball cabinet using real lighting and feedback hardware. Note: Any DMDs or HudOverlays (video clips,etc) intended for desktop use were moved off screen so that they wouldn't appear on the playfield screen in a cabinet. As a result, desktop users won't see them.

Knight Rider (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition)

We're going back to the 80's for my DOFLinx mod of rom's excellent Knight Rider Future Pinball table. You got the lights....you got the feedback....and you got the Hoff's terrible perm!

- 10 solenoid feedback for flippers, bumpers, slingshots, etc
- 5 RGB flasher effects
- KITT's "woo-woo" animated red lights with your RGB flashers
- RGB under cabinet lighting
- gear motor for KITT and the truck ramp's movement
- shaker motor effects for engine rumble
- beacon and strobe effects
- blower fan effects
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