Labyrinth (Original)

EM Original Table BAM FP Labyrinth (Original) v1.0

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Electro-Mechanical Machines
by Gimli, Ike
at 2021-08-04
Type Original

Classic Brio Labyrinth Simulation

using BAM Features

This is a very fun yet simple demonstration of what BAM is now capable of.

There is som much creative potential ! Join us at Pniball Nirvana to learn more.
ATTENTION: use a recent version of BAM to use this game.

It won't work without it.

This is one of several Flipperless games I have developed using BAM/Future pinball

Mouse Function is a new BAM feature . you must have BAM Version 329 or newer. for mouse function

Special 1 key and Special 2 key will change views / and textures

If you enable mouse in FP key settings, then you can also assign Special keys to a mouse button if you wish.
press insert coin/start game key to begin

Use mouse or up,down,left right keys to tilt table and move your rat to the end of maze.

We have a more advance version as well as Williams Rat Race that may be released soon

Enjoy !
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