Ladies of Comics Poker (Original) by cujopb

SS Original Table FP Ladies of Comics Poker (Original) by cujopb v1.0 Demo

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Solid State Machines
by cujopb
at 2014-10-21
Type Original

FP Physics 1.0

This table strikes a balance between real pinball with all its various mode and video pinball- with animated models.



-The Ladies of Comics have gathered for a night of 5-card Draw Poker. They have agreed to donate any winnings to a charity of their choice.

They will deploy whatever abilities they have to beat you in the game.

The Demo version only contains Black Cat...

..The Black Cat is actually the most difficult dealer in the Street Edition (coming soon)....
Ladies of Comics is graphic intensive.

A dedicated graphic card is required (Desktop or Gaming Laptop).

To enable DMD animations, Uncheck: Disable GLSL Shaders in Video Preferences.

Tips for best playing minigame- Ladies of Comics Demo


1) In order to play the mini-game, load the executable Gen2App_BlackCat.exe BEFORE starting the FP table.

2) Under Preferences | Video\Rendering Options | Uncheck Disable GLSL Shaders.

3) Mini-game is currently NOT compatible with Frontends such as Hyperpin.

4) Mini-game requires FP be played in Windowed Mode. Also make sure window covers entire display.
Modes of play. Select at beginning of each game.


-Beginner: Play is dependent on amount of Chips. Draining allows current hand to continue (no penalty). Game ends when player has zero chips.

-Normal: Play is dependent on amount of Chips. Draining fills the hand as-is. Game ends when player has zero chips.

-Advanced: Play is dependent on 3/5 ball play. Draining causes a Fold. If chips go below zero or Ballcount < 0 game will end for the player.

Additional differences in modes:


-Normal & Advanced: Penalty of $10, $20 & $40 for each ball drain- whatever the Current Ante is.

-Advanced: Requires all shots during Steal blind (6) to complete mode.

-Normal: Requires 4 shots during Steal blind to complete mode.

-Beginner: Requires 3 shots during Steal blind to complete mode.

-Beginner: High scores are NOT saved.

-Beginner: Each Bonus type is calculated at 1/2 that of Normal & Advanced modes. A Multiplier is added (where applicable)

-Beginner: Each Multi-Ball Jackpot is calculated at 1/2 that of Normal & Advanced modes.

-Beginner: Each Hurry-UP starts at 100,000 (Normal & Advanced start @ double that amount).

Triple Shots:


-Each inlane has a 'triple shot' light. It alternates between left & right lane. If on as the ball passes thru, the player has 3 seconds and the next shot made (Jackpot, ramp, droptarget, etc.) is worth triple its normal value. Each one made lights up to spell 'B-L-A-C-K C-A-T' on the backglass. When you complete spelling & hit a lit inlane, you have 3 seconds to make a shot worth 9X the normal value.

Card drop Targets:


-Value is 100 points for a card in your hand (ie not a burnt\blank card).

-Value is 1000 points If a card in your hand AND dropped while Red arrow in front of droptarget is lit.

Right Ramp:


-Primarily used for Betting. Hit this ramp when you have reached 5 cards in your hand. You will then be asked to either Stand, Fold or Raise bet. (See instructions or press pause during game for a refresher on instructions).

Left Ramp (Reversal of Fortune Ramp):


-Shoot this ramp while Rev. of Fortune blinking. This will effectively STOP Black Cats Luck Power (the cards she is dealt). Although it will not stop her from crawling to this ramp :)

Left Scoop


-Once the Light Lock (lower left on Playfield) has been lit, you can lock upto 3 balls here. Once three are locked, you begin Multiball.

Right Scoop (oracle modes)


-You must first enable the Oracle modes. Do this by hitting each spinner (Left and Right Orbits). Then you can hit the Oracle Hole to randomly start one of the following:

-STEAL THE BLIND: Hit lanes indicated. Each shot made is worth full amt of current Blind. Other lanes are worth 1/5 blind (small blind)

-SPOT THE TELL: Hit lanes indicated. Each Lane made helps during the betting phase. If she has a 'Good' reaction, it means she has a pair of Jacks or Better. If she has a "BAD" reaction, she has Nothing! The player needs to recall the 'Tell' initially revealed during the 'Spot the Tell' mode to determine Good from Bad.

-CARD GRAB: Drop the droptargets in order to reveal The Oracle card (and complete mode).

-HERO IN TRAINING: Hit Discard Lane, then hit the drop target indicated.

-TRIVIA MODE: Answer at least 5 questions to complete mode. Each correct answer is worth 10k.


Hurry UP\Quick Exit Upper PF (Exit on Right)


-Lights the 'Show Burnt' mode at the Right Scoop. Also completes a Hurry Up mode (when started see below).

Scoring Hands (during BONUS- Beginner is 1/2 amt listed):


1) Royal Flush (ace high). Worth 1 Million.

2) Five of a Kind. 500,000

3) Straight Flush 200,000

4) Four-of-a-Kind 100,000

5) Full house 50,000

6) Flush 20,000

7) Straight 10,000

8) Three-of-a-Kind 4,000

9) Two Pair 2,000

10) Pair 1,000

Bonus Multiplier


-There are 4 standup targets beneath the Upper Playfield. Hit all 4 and your multiplier goes up by one. The target lights blue if hit. NOTE: You can cycle through the lit\unlit targets via the flippers.



-Blind is raised by the number of pop-bumper hits. Every 5 hits raises the blind amount by 500 points. This is later used on 'Steal the Blind' mode (See above).

Burnt Cards


-Each droptarget card that is hit AFTER a hand is filled- is considered a 'Burnt card'. The less Burnt cards - the better bonus for a ball. Zero burnt cards \ hand is a Bonus of 5,500 points (1/2 for Beginner).

Kill Game


-Whenever the player beats the dealer 2x in a row, the Kill Game will be lit for the next hand. If the player can make the shot Before completing his hand, he gets to 'kill game'. This simply allows the player to bet one category higher than normal. In the case of this demo, the max bet is now $40, instead of $20.



-There are 3 different multiballs:

1) All-in Multi-Ball\NoLimit Multiball. Once completed, the limit on betting increases to next Max bet (like Kill game).

2) Ace in Hole Multi-ball. Two Ball multi-ball, which can be added to - by locking in the Ace Jail. See below for more detail.

3) Oracle Multi-ball. Started as one of the Oracle Mode.



-There are 3 types of skillshots. Shot the Skillshot hole on Upper PF- Hitting any other target cancels the skillshot

1) Advance Skillshot. This will increase value of Skill Flip (see 3).

2) Mystery Skillshot. This turns the magnet on -Left Orbit.

3) Skill Flip. Starts at 5,000 points. (Note: can increase with ea. Advance SShot made).

Magnet Shot


-Located on the Left Orbit. To the left of the magnet is flipper. This will aid in making the Joker shot. If your hand is not filled, this will give you a Joker card. Shoot a second time (when Joker card is flashing- for more excitement).

Hurry UP Mode


-In the upper playfield, you must each standup target 3x each (in any order). You will notice 3 LEDs above each target. Red= 1 hit, Yellow= 2 hits, Green= 3rd and final hit. Once all LEDs are Green, Hurry Up begins. To obtain the currently displayed amount, You need to hit the Hurry up hole on Upper Playfield (far right).

Ace in The Hole


-In the upper playfield, you MUST spell A-C-E in order to drop the bars to lock a ball in the upper Playfield. You will see a Large LED lite glow for a letter indicating it has been hit. Once that is accomplished, you must shoot the ball in the Ace Hole. The bars will then trap a ball. You must then 'bash' the bars 3 times to drop them and start Ace in the Hole Multiball. Note: it is possible to lock and unlock for more than 2 ball multi-ball.
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