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Lady Death 2000 (Geiger, 1983) by onlinechaos

SS Recreation FP Lady Death 2000 (Geiger, 1983) by onlinechaos v1.2

No permission to download
Solid State Machines
by onlinechaos
at 2010-11-26
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Bally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
Tradename Bally
Date 1981
IPD No. 3972

- a few more sounds
- toggle player 1 hudoverlay with default togglehudkey
- backglass tilt light now working
- backglass lights player 1-4 added
- highscores 1-4 shown on first start
- multiplier awards above 6x now adds additional score of 25,000
- special now gives poin
Description ts and credit
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