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Lady Sharpshooter (Game Plan, 1985) VP8

VP8 Game Plan SS Recreation Lady Sharpshooter (Game Plan, 1985) VP8 v1.0f (Lander) 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Destruk, Lander, Apocalypse, JBL_FUN
IPD No. 1407

Maximum of TWO players

The top LADY rollovers score 5000 points and TWO Bonus Advances when lit, 3000 points and ONE Bonus Advance when not lit. Completing LADY increases bonus multiplier, lights spinner and a bumper for 1000 points.

The left saucer lane scores designated value, advances bonus, and lights a bumper for 1000 points.

Top right stand up targets score 500 points and advance bonus.

Top left rollover lane scores 5000 points and advances bonus. Making rollover lane lights lane for 10,000 points and advance bonus.

Shooter targets score 5000 points, advances bonus, and lights a letter. Lit targets score 25,000 points and advance bonus for each lit light. Completing SHARP lights extra ball lane.

Special lane scores 10,000 points or special when lit.
Extra Ball lane scores 5000 points or extra ball when lit.
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