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Last Action Hero (Data East, 1993) VP8 by Pingod

VP8 Data East SS Recreation Last Action Hero (Data East, 1993) VP8 by Pingod v1.2 2020-01-28

No permission to download
by Pingod
IPD No. 1416

Last Action Hero - The Rules Sheet
Written By: Jerry Duffy (duffy@mik.uky.edu)


Please send all corrections, additions, etc, to the email address above.

Last Action Hero is probably a registered trademark of Data East Pinball and
some really big film company I can't think of at the moment.

I use the abbreviations 'K' for thousands, 'M' for Millions, 'B' for Billions
and SDTM for Straight Down the Middle.

Like always, I'm sure that some of the features/timers are operator settable,
so please be forgiving of my numbers if your machine differs.

Like all DE games, the sound, music and animation in Last Action Hero
are fantastic. You can hear pieces of AC/DC's song "Big Guns" if you
listen closely.

Starting the Game
The lengthy opening animation can be skipped by simply plunging the ball.
You plunge the ball into play in two ways...The first way is to pull the
gun trigger, the second is to flip both flippers at the same time.

Important Stuff

This will list important playfield items and shots that will be referred to
in the discussion of the game. The list will start at the bottom and continue
clockwise around the playfield.

Plunger - An automatic plunger in the shape of a pistol.
Smart Missile - This is a button located just above the pistol. Hitting it
will award whatever is lit on the playfield. (Cannot be used for Skill Shot)
The location of the Smart Missile is a real pain to try to hit in a hurry.
The best thing to do is use the "Buddy System." :-)
Flippers - The only two flippers in the game, in the normal place.
Slingshots - Two normal slingshots.
Inlanes - Both inlanes light the captive balls for 2X towards lighting
Outlanes - Will award special when lit, and deactivate the Smart Missile.
Left Captive Ball - Located just above the left outlane. Will advance MBALL
and reset the timer of any mode currently running.
CRANE Targets - Actual drop targets that are used during various rounds.
Located along the left side of the machine. (One for each letter in CRANE)
Danger Bar - Located behind the CRANE targets. Any dropped CRANE target will
expose the Danger Bar. Hitting the Danger Bar will reset all the CRANE
CRANE Lock - This is a place above the CRANE targets that holds balls
locked for successfully spelling CRANE and hitting the Crane shot. Two
balls maximum can be locked at one time. When M-Ball is started, any
locked balls for that player are returned, via habitrail, to the
left flipper. The machine keeps track of how many balls each player has
locked, so it is possible to have "virtual" locks if the Crane is broken
or another player starts M-Ball before you. Also called the Tar Pit.
Ramp Entrance - The only ramp in the game, often referred to as THE ROOF.
Used during various Dynamite Features, scores normal and Super Jackpots and
to advance progress towards 'Second Cousin Franks' award. Located in the top
left corner. The ramp has a large sweet spot, and the ball can be diverted
to a habitrail to return to the left or right flipper.
CAT Target - A red target located on the right post of the ramp. Only used
during CAT Millions dynamite feature.
Crane Shot - Located just to the right of the ramp, this is a passage that will
lead to a VUK kickout and return the ball, via a habitrail, to the right
flipper. During certain times, the crane will be in position to catch a
ball kicked out from here. A ball not hit hard enough will fall into one
of the Double-Your-Bonus rollovers.
Double-Your-Bonus Rollovers - Like Advance X on most machines, completing
these three rollovers will double your current bonus that is awarded at
the end of your ball. (Max of 50M)
Pop Bumpers - Three pop bumpers in the normal triangular arrangement. Located
at the top of the machine underneath the Double-Your-Bonus rollovers.
They advance the currently flashing Dynamite Feature.
Movie Screen - Scoop located in the upper middle of the playfield, just
underneath the pop bumpers. When the yellow light is lit or flashing, it
will award the current Dynamite Feature. Also used during some Dynamite
features and to start M-Ball.
Lt. Dekker Spinner - A spinner target located between the movie screen scoop
and the Chicken Scoop. A ball going through the spinner will immediately
enter the pop bumpers.
Chicken Scoop - Located to the right of the spinner. Used to "Play Chicken"
and during some Dynamite Features. The ball can returned to the Chicken
scoop via a small lane out of the pop bumpers right beside the Ripper
kickout. (See below) A ball hit into the Chicken scoop will be returned
from the Movie Scoop.
Ripper - A Kickout like the Raptor pit in JP. Hitting the Ripper will return
the ball to the flippers at about the speed of light. A ball draining
shortly after a Ripper shot will be replunged. Also spots a letter in
Right Captive Ball - Captive ball to the right of the Ripper. Advances toward
M-Ball and used during "Go to the Movies".
Eyeball Targets - Three targets on the upper right side of the machine,
just to the right and underneath the Right Captive Ball. Hitting all three
will light another 5M badge on the playfield, and will also award a
"Benedict's Bonus".
Wildcard Scoop - A scoop on the right just above the right outlane. Awards
WildCard, Extra Ball when lit, and sets the Dynamite feature to one of
"Last", "Action", or "Hero".
5M Badges - Badges lit on the playfield at the entrances to certain shots.
There locations are: The left captive ball, the Crane, The Ripper, and
the Wildcard Scoop. These shots must also be hit during the
6-Ball sequence.
Dynamite Features - Like most other games these days, LAH has a series of
modes to complete. These are the lights just above the flippers. Steady
lit lights indicate that the feature has been completed. The flashing
feature is the next feature to be awarded after a shot to the movie scoop.
The pop bumpers change the current award.
RIPPER Lights - Located on the lower left side of the cabinet. There is one
light for each letter in RIPPER. Hitting the Ripper shot adds another letter.
Completing RIPPER awards the current RIPPER Bounty.
Smart Missile Light - A light on the lower right side of the cabinet. It will
be flashing throughout your current ball if the Smart Missile is still
available to be used.
Magnet - Yes, LAH does have magnets underneath the playfield, right below
the Dynamite Features. The eye of the pyramid below the Movie Scoop will
be lit (or blinking) when the magnets are activated. The magnets are in a
triangular shape similar to TAF.
Shaker Motor - At various times during the game, a shaker motor will be
activated to vibrate the machine for a pretty neat effect. (It's
identical to the one in JP.) It comes on whenever the ball enters the
pop bumpers, and when various rounds are in progress.

Skill Shot
The skill shot on LAH is identical to the one on LW3. A red light underneath
each of the CRANE targets will will flash in sequence. You must plunge the ball
so the ball will knock down the currently lit target. It awards:
Ball 1 : 2M
Ball 2 : 3M
Ball 3 : 4M

Instant Info
Holding either flipper button for awhile will show you Instant Info. This will
list the replay value, number of extra balls earned, current bonus, Second
Cousin Frank's award value, Last Action Hero award value, World Premier
award value, as well as the High Score table. You can page through the display
by hitting the other flipper.

Ball Saver
Last Action Hero has a ball saver that is active during the first few seconds
of a ball being plunged. If you get an outlane drain immediatly after hitting
the CRANE targets, the ball will be returned. If the replunged ball again
drains after hitting the CRANE targets, it will be replunged once again.
After this, your on your own. The ball saver will also be active after a
shot to The Ripper, the first few seconds of M-Ball and the first moments
of Super Crane and 6 ball. "Don't Move!"
NOTE: One newer ROM's, the machine will supposedly forgive many right outlane

Dynamite Features

A few notes about the Dynamite features before I actually start explaining
-The Movie Scoop will be lit to award a feature at the start of each ball.
After it's collected, the ramp will relite the scoop. Going through either
inlane will lit the movie scoop for a VERY limited amount of time.
-You can have various modes running at the same time, but there are some
exceptions that will be noted below.
-As far as I can tell, the Smart Missile does NOT award the currently
flashing Dynamite Feature. (It lights the scoop for M-Ball)
-Using the Smart Missile will automatically light M-Ball at the movie
scoop. If M-Ball is lit, M-Ball will be started.
-When M-Ball is ready at the Movie Scoop, Dynamite Features (obviously)
cannot be collected.
-During any kind of timed round, hitting the Left Captive Ball will
reset the timer back to it's maximum value. This can only be used
once per round.
-Hitting an inlane during most Dynamite Features will lite the Wildcard
scoop. Hitting the scoop before it times out will double the current
scoring for whatever round is going on. This can be VERY worthwhile
on some rounds. (It does not work for every Dynamite Feature.)
-The World Premier Award (and I think the Last Action Hero Award) are
increased in the following way: Every round you successfully complete
will add 5M to the World Premier/LAH awards and 5 seconds to your
World Premier time. (See sections on World Premier and LAH for a full
explanation of these 2 rounds.) Round Completion will be specified
for each Dynamite Feature.

The Dynamite Features are: (In no particular order)
Blow Out
Light Extra Ball
Go to the Movies
Red Eye
The Roof
Big Mistake
Cat Millions
Super Crane
Save Danny
Find Benedict
*World Premier* (Can be collected after all other Dynamite Features are cleared)

Light Extra Ball is obvious - once lit, it can be collected at the Wildcard
scoop. The other rounds will be described in detail.

Blow Out
This is a frenzy round in the tradition of TZ's Town Square Madness or JP's
Stampede. You start at a base score of 6M, and the target value starts at
250K. Every 10 target hits raises the target value by 50K. The points are
awarded immediatly. A typical Blow Out score will be 17-20M. A ball that spends
a lot of time in the pop bumpers will net a Blow out Score of around 20-30M.
Blow out lasts for 20 seconds.

The Maximum switch value is 1M. The maximum Blow Out value is 99M.
Round completion is specified as having a Blow Out total of over 20M.

Hitting the Smart Missile during Blow Out will reset the timer to 20 seconds,
credit you with about 30 target hits, and light M-Ball.

Go to the Movies
This is an "Add-a-Ball" round. During this round, both Captive Balls are lit
for 20 seconds. Hitting either captive ball will plunge another ball into play.
After the 20 seconds expires, both captive balls score 5M per hit. The round
ends when all but but one ball drains, or the timer reaches 0 and neither
captive ball has been hit.

Hitting the left captive ball will reset the timer for Go ot the Movies to 20
seconds. I think hitting the Smart Missile will credit you with a captive
ball hit, reset the timer and plunge another ball into play.
NOTE: No other rounds may be started while Go to the Movies is active, and the
Captive ball hits do not advance you towards M-Ball as they normally do.

Round completion is hitting EACH captive ball at least once after the timer
has expired.

Red Eye
In this round, the objective is to hit the Eyeball targets 3 times for 30M
points. The first hit scores 5M, the second 10M, and finally 15M for the last
Eyeball hit.

The Smart Missile will award the next point value that would have resulted
in a real hit to the Eyeball targets. (In other words, the Smart Missile
will NOT award the complete 30M like the JP Smart Missile would.)

Round completion is hitting the Eyeball targets 3 times.

The Roof
The point of this round is to make 3 ramp shots in the 20 seconds given.
Ramp #1 is worth 5M, the second is worth 10M and the final ramp is 15M.
The ball will be diverted to the right inlane after every successful
Roof shot.

The Smart Missile will award the next point value that would have resulted
from a real ramp shot.

Completion is hitting all three ramps.

Big Mistake
Here, you have three targets you must hit, in order. You have 20 seconds to
do this. The targets are:
1) Any CRANE targets for 5M
2) Any Eyeball target, for 10M
3) The Movie Screen scoop, for 15M

Again, the Smart Missile will award the active target value, and not
all three.

Completion is hitting all three targets for the maximum of 30M.

Cat Millions
During this round, the display will show a little mouse (I think) jumping
across various point amounts. Hitting the Cat target will award the amount
the mouse is currently sitting on. After hitting the target, another mouse
is added, so hitting the target the next time will award 2 Cat Millions
values, and so on. The values on the display are:
5M 6M 7M 8M 9M 10M 9M 8M 7M 6M 5M

A maximum of three values can be lit at once.
The Smart Missile will award the currently lit value(s).

Completion is getting at least three hits on the Cat target.

Super Crane
Super Crane is a 6 ball mulitball round. The only goal during Super Crane
is to hit the Crane Shot and the CRANE targets. No other rounds can be
started during Super Crane, but I believe that rounds that were going when
super crane was started will continue. (Check me on this.) The Crane has
an initial value of 5M and and a timer of 20 seconds. Everytime you hit
the Crane, the value goes up by 5M. After the intial 20 seconds is up,
you must hit all the CRANE targets to relight the Crane. The value of the
Crane will be at whatever it was before the timer expired. If you hit the CRANE
targets to relight the Crane, then the Crane stays lit until you hit it.
(No timer.) You continue the process of hitting the CRANE targets, then
the Crane until all but one ball drains.

The Smart Missile will award the current crane value, or relight the Crane
if wasn't lit already.

Completion is defined as getting a Crane Jackpot after the initial timer
expires. (Hitting all CRANE targets then hitting the Crane.)

Save Danny
This is a hurry up round. You must shoot the Crane shoot to save Danny from
falling off the Crane. The value starts at 20M and bottoms out at 3M. Shooting
the Crane awards the current value and saves Danny from certain doom.

The Smart Missile collects the current save Danny award.

Completion is obviously saving Danny.

It's fun to watch Danny fall to his death. Listen for the realistic
SPLAT as he hits the ground in a bloody mess! :-)

Find Benedict
"In this world, the bad guys can win."

The object here is to search for Benedict in the three scoops. The game
randomly picks one at the start of the round, and I have found no pattern
to where Benedict is 'placed'. Hitting an incorrect scoop will show that
door opening on the display, and a large dog running out after you.
For finding Benedict, you get 30M, and some really cool animation.

Completion is finding Benedict for 30M.

"Have a nice day." BANG!

Hitting the Movie scoop when LAST, ACTION or HERO is lit will award 10M
points, and spot you that word. Completing LAST ACTION HERO will
start a 6 Ball seqeunce described below. If the currently flashing Dynamite
Feature is something other than LAST, ACTION or HERO, a shot to the Wildcard
scoop will automatically set the Dynamite Feature to the next unlit word

Completing LAST ACTION HERO will award a Last Action Hero bonus. As far as I
know, this award is based on the number of rounds you successfully complete
before starting LAH.

Now the fun begins. You are initially given 25 seconds on the clock, and
the display will say "50 hits required". All six balls will be put into
play, and the object is to hit 50 targets in the time remaining. Doing so
will award the score in the display located underneath the number of targets
you have to hit. (It usually starts at about 15M.) Successfully getting
50 hits will add more time to the timer (I think 8-9 seconds..) and you
will be required to get 50 more target hits. The award value continues
where it was previously, and every target hit adds to the total.
Obviously, this can result is big points. Any ball that is lost will be
immediately replunged. The award value will wrap back around to 0 after
it reaches 99M. Also be warned that if you somehow get over 99 seconds
on the timer, the round is ended because the timer wraps around to 0
as well! (I've had this happen with a sling shot that went crazy.)

If you keep 1 or 2 balls going through the Lt. Dekker spinner and into the
pop bumpers, this round can go on for quite sometime. I've had a LAST
ACTION HERO round last well over 10 minutes, and scored over 4B points
during it.

When the timer reaches 0, the flippers, pop bumpers and slingshots go dead.
Check out the display during this period. ("Balls Draining...") When the
game has accounted for all the balls, Arnold will say "Ready!" and a ball
will be autoplunged into play.

Every completion of the 50 switch closures adds 5M to the World Premier
Award and 5 seconds to the timer.

World Premier
After collecting all Dynamite Features, (including LAST ACTION HERO) the
Features will start flashing, and the yellow light above the Movie Scoop
will be flashing. Hitting the scoop will start World Premier.

First, you are awarded the World Premier value. Like the Last Action Hero
award, it is based on how many rounds you complete, and how well you did
during the LAH round.

Next the display will show a display of a movie theater with people
going inside. On the bottom of the display, it will say "People Seated" and
"Maximum Seating Capacity". During this time, any ball shot into the
Movie scoop will award 1M times the number of people listed by
"People Seated". You can hit the scoop as many times as you wish, there by
collecting a nice chunk of points everytime. When the "People Seated" is
equal to the "Maximum Seating Capacity", the round ends.

The "Maximum Seating Capacity", as explained above, is a function of how
many rounds are completed when World Premier begins.

Chicken Scoop
"Let's play chicken."

A shot to the Chicken scoop will show your current number of chicken scoop
shots, and how many shots till the next award. After the award is collected,
your chicken scoop shots are reset, and you will have to hit the scoop
one more time than you did previously to achive the next award.
The awards are as follows:

2 shots - 5 Million
3 shots - 10 Million OR Extra Ball
4 shots - 15 Million OR Light Special (At the outlanes)

After achieving 4 shots, the remaining awards are always 15M, I think. I have
never personally gotten passed the 4 award. The extra ball that could be
awarded after 3 shots is based on the machines EB percenatges. Same goes
with the Special being lit.

Second Cousin Frank's
The Second Cousin Frank's award is an award that is held over from game to
game until it is collected. Collecting the award will reset its value
to 3M. Shots that add points to the award are ramp shots and when the
ball returns to the Chicken Scoop via the little pathway to the left of
the Ripper. I believe the value added in both cases is 100K.

Hitting a ramp shot that does not light the Dynamite Feature grid will
show on the display "Second Cousin Frank's", a playing card being flipped
over, and the current award value. The ball will be returned to the right
flipper. You now must hit the ramp again. The ball is now returned to the
left flipper. Now shoot the Chicken Scoop to collect the award. This is
referred to as the "Center Scoop" on the display.

To summarize: 2 consecutive ramp shots, then a shot to the Chicken Scoop. The
ball must hit nothing else after the second ramp shot except the Chicken
scoop, or the sequence is cancelled. Check out the animation for collecting
Second Cousin Frank's.

"Jack Slater can't lose!"

M-Ball is lit after a certain number of captive ball hits have been achieved.
Going through an inlane will light the captive balls to award 2X the number
of hits. (Which means you get 2 hits counted for only one captive ball shot.)
When the correct number of captive ball hits are achieved, the Movie scoop
will be lit for M-Ball.

Knocking down all the CRANE targets will start Runaway Crane, and light
the Crane lock. Runaway crane is a hurry-up shot that counts from 10M down
to 3M. Regardless if you collect the Runaway Crane award, the Crane lock
will remain lit. Hitting the Crane while the lock is lit will make the
crane move underneath where the ball is returned, catch the ball, and move
it to the lock area where it will be held until M-Ball is achieved. The
green lights on the lock area will tell you how many balls you have locked.
(Even though the balls might not actually be there.) Knocking down the
CRANE targets after two balls are locked will award a 7M Crane bonus.
NOTE: On hard settings, crane locks will time out if not hit before the
Runaway crane value reaches 0.

Hitting the movie scoop begins M-Ball. Two balls are plunged, and any locked
balls you have are released. (If you have "Virtual" locked balls, those
will be autoplunged as well). The base jackpot value starts at 15M plus
5M for every ball you locked prior to M-Ball. (Maximum 25M jackpot).
Every target on the playfield adds to the jackpot value, some more than
others. Shoot the ramp to collect the current jackpot.
NOTE: On hard settings, you must hit the crane to light the Roof Jackpot.

After the jackpot is collected, the Crane will be lit for double the
collected jackpot value. You have 10 seconds to collect this. If you
fail to hit the crane in this 10 second period, you must shoot the crane
to relight the normal jackpot. Scoring the double jackpot starts 6-Balls.
(See Below.)

If you drain all but one ball without collecting the Jackpot, the movie
scoop will be lit for a 2 ball restart for 10 seconds. Hitting the
scoop will restart M-Ball with a jackpot value of 10M.

All six balls are launched into play. The object of 6 Ball is to first
collect all the 5M badge shots on the playfield. The display keeps track
of which badges you have collected, and which still have not been spotted.
(See above for locations of the 5M Badge shots).

Hitting the 4 badge targets will then light the crane for 30M. Hitting
the crane will once again light the 5M badge targets, which again must
be completed. After the badge shots have been made, the ramp is lit
for a Super Jackpot of 50M times number of balls left in play. Collecting
that lights the Double Super Jackpot at the crane for 100M times the number
of balls in play. You have 10 seconds to collect this jackpot. After you
collect the Double Super Jackpot or it times out, the process starts all
over again with the 5M badge targets, Super and Double Super Jackpots.

6 Balls ends whenever all but one ball drains.

End Of Ball Bonus
The end of ball bonus is a function of how many targets you hit during the
ball (10K a piece), and the "Double-Your-Bonus" rollovers. Lighting all
three of the "Double-Your-Bonus" rollovers doubles your current bonus. The
end of ball bonus tops out at 50M. The bonus starts at 1M at the start
of each ball. There is no bonus hold or bonus multiplier.
NOTE: Hitting the flipper buttons during bonus countdown gives a cool
motorcycle like revving sound, and goes to the next ball.

Other Stuff
-RIPPER Bounty: Every shot into the Ripper spots a letter in RIPPER. Completing
RIPPER collects the current Ripper Bounty, which is kept between balls,
players, and games. A ball that drains shortly after a Ripper shot will
be returned.
-Pop Bumpers: They automatically start out at 100K per hit. Super Pops can be
activated, although I'm not sure exactly when. Super Pops score 100K and
1M for every 3rd hit.
-Lt Dekker Spinner Award - A shot through the spinner will award 50K for
for every turn the spinner takes. Usually about 400K - 500K per shot
through the spinner. "Slater!" (See below for Super Dekker Spinner.)
-Benedict's Eyeballs - Hitting all three of the Benedict Eyeball targets will
award a 20K "Benedict Bonus Boost". (This means every switch closure is now
worth 10K more bonus than previously. The switch value is initially 10K.)
-Shooting the crane 5 times in a row will automatically score 10M and lock
a ball for M-Ball.
-CRANE Targets - Knocked down CRANE targets will reset if not all the targets
are knocked down within a certain amount of time. This can be frustrating
during rounds like Super Crane.
-Death Save - A ball that drains down an outlane but is returned into play
awards 3M and a picture of the Grim Reaper.

Combo Shots
- Crane -> Ramp -> Ramp -> Right Captive Ball
Awards 4 M-Ball advances and 10M.
- Crane -> Ramp -> Ramp -> Ripper
Spots 3 RIPPER letters and awards 10M.
- Dekker Super Spinner - This is started by hitting a Ramp -> Ramp pair
5 times. The spinner is then worth 1M per spin the next time you hit

Tips and Tricks
A ball kicked out of the movie scoop should be an easy catch. The machine
I play kicks the ball out nice and slow. This is very worthwhile since you
can immediately hit the ramp and relight the next Dynamite Feature.
(Especially helpful if you are trying to get LAST ACTION HERO completed.)

There are some Dynamite Features that are best ignored, IMHO. On the top of
the list is Go to the Movies. It is not very point rich, and prevents
ANYTHING else from being awarded. Find Benedict is another which isn't
worth the trouble most of the time. It would be better if you got SOME
points for shooting a scoop where Benedict wasn't hiding. As it is now,
all you get is a nice display that says "Not Here!"

For the most part, the remaining Dynamite Features are worth the time
to complete. Blow Out can be especially nice if you hit the Left Captive
Ball to reset the timer late in the round.

By far, the biggest scoring opportunity is during the LAST ACTION HERO
sequence. This can be much more point rich than even the Super Jackpots
and Double Super Jackpots. You just have to make some early shots into
the pop bumpers to achieve the first 50 hits as soon as possible. If you
have a good LAH sequence going, and you KNOW your going to run out of time
before getting the required number of hits, burn your Smart Missile. This
will immediately credit you with 50 hits and add more seconds to the

If you hit the wildcard scoop to set the dynamite feature to LAST, you
should be able to collect all three in order. You will hit the Movie Scoop,
the ramp, repeat until LAH is spelled. Also be aware that a ball returned
from a crane shot will light the Movie scoop briefly (if its not already

If you have a ball trapped on the left flipper, and nothing to shot for,
you should be able to backhand the crane shot with some success. This
will set you up to collect the next dynamite feature.

For M-Ball, it's definitely to your advantage to lock 1 or 2 balls before
beginning M-Ball. This makes the Double Jackpot even more worthwhile.

If at all possible, try to save your Smart Missile for 6-Ball play. I usually
try and get the first set of 5M badges myself, then shoot the crane for
30M, and then use the Smart Missile. This will light the ramp for Super

Fortunately, the crane being broken (as often is the case) does not hurt
game play at all. In fact, it might work to your advantage since the
ball gets returned nicely to the right flipper instead of being locked
and having another ball launched wildly into play.

My best score on LAH to date has been 6.9B with a sensitive tilt.
That was with a huge LAST ACTION HERO sequence as well as over 400M in
World Premier points.

Special thanks to:
Deena Newman (deena@ukpr.uky.edu) - Proofreader and fellow pin-head.
Kevin Martin (sigma@rahul.net) - For "use" of his LAH manual. :-)
Joel Iott (joeli@sm16.eurpd.csg.mot.com) - Various additions.

"I'll be back."
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