Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East, 1992)

Data East SS Recreation FP Lethal Weapon 3 (Data East, 1992) v1.5

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by francisco666, rom
at 2013-08-08
Type Recreation (real pinball)
Manufacturer Data East Pinball, Incorporated (1986-1994)
Date 1992-08
IPD No. 1433


Rom: Table build and graphics

Francisco666: Script

Testers: thorgeist and subzero

- Added partial multiplayer variables.
- Added Classical High Score entry (Ver 2.0 original made for AP, much better that the previous one I made).
- Improved some Flashers lights sequences
- Micro things done here and there

- Include a LedWiz version

*Version 1.1

Fix kickers when reach the stunt movie action

Mods of this table :
Zedpinball Physics 1.0: Lethal Weapon 3 1.5
Lethal Weapon 3 Rulesheet

Written by Ryan Avery
Last Update: 1/17/98

This is a comprehensive guide to Lethal Weapon 3, a 1992 Data East pinball game. Lethal Weapon 3, Triball, Lotzaballs, and whatever else is probably copyrighted by Data East. I do not take any responsibility as to how you use this rulesheet.


LW3 - Lethal Weapon 3
MB - Multiball
EB - Extra Ball
M - Million


This is my second rulesheet, so hopefully it should be better organized than my first attempt. All corrections, comments, additions, errors, etc. should be sent to Ryan Avery. Please feel free to e-mail me, as I am always happy when I recieve non-junk related e-mail, and I'd love to hear your opinions and comments on what you want out of a rulesheet, or how you think one should be organized to display information the best.


I wish to give a big thanks to Brent Earl, the creater of the original rule sheet. It gave me the inspiration to purchace LW3, and inspired me to create a better rule sheet. (no offense, but the guide just doesn't give it enough justice.)

Your name here if you help me with any of the problems discussed throughout the rulesheet.

Other Misc.

All rules that are mentioned apply to the factory settings. Other settings may be mentioned if need be.

I HATE points. I am not going to go through the game counting how much a single spin on the spinner awards. I will mention all significant point values, however.

Playfield Layout

There is really nothing special about the layout, just the standard items. As per official RGP guidelines, the layout will be described from lower-left moving clockwise whenever possible.

Note: Certain features award or light other features. When they have awarded their features, completing the item usually awards 1M.

Laser Kick

This is the left outlane ball saver. On factory settings, it is lit at the start of a ball. The ball, when kicked into play by the laser kick, has a tendancy to rebound straight back into the laser kick. Luckily, the kick stays lit for a certain amount of time after it is used, usually 10 seconds.

Left outlane

This outlane is very wide, due to the fact that it has no rubbers to increase the chance of a sucessful nudge. This problem is further compounded by the fact that the metal rail is curved just so that the ball has an easy time slipping down the outlane at enormous speeds. This is probably the reason there is a left out lane ball kicker. The outlane can be lit for Murtaugh's Retirement.

Left inlane

This inlane is fed to by the LW2 VUK (discussed later). When Getaway is lit, any ball that touches the left inlane switch will start the Getaway, which is collected by shooting the right orbit.

Laser Kick Standup

The laser kick standup, when lit, lights laser kick. It can also be lit for Unlimited Millions. This is where each shot to the standup scores one million points. When it is not lit for either Unlimited Millons or Light Laser Kick, it just t riggers a random quote.

LW1 Saucer

Lethal Weapon 1 is one of three saucers. The LW1 saucer can do one of the following:

Collect lit extra ball
Relight jackpot/light double jackpot if lit at this saucer
Scores the "1" out of 1,2,& 3 to award a stunt
Start fight mode

The saucer feeds straight back out its entrance, usually towards the left flipper.

Standup targets

On a well set-up machine, the first thing a ball should hit when plunged are these targets. During the beginning of the ball, the lit shot moves between the four for a skill shot, exactly the same to T2's skill shot. Lighting all 4 during regular play either lights Leo, if Leo is not lit, or lights Super Leo if Leo is already lit. If Super Leo is already lit, then the standups award 1M when completed.

Left Spinner/Orbit

The left orbit can and will do the following things:

Complete a certain amount of bullets on the gun clip to start Showdown
Light a 9-1-1 rollover light to advance towards Bonus X
Light the subway. The subway is collected if two consecutive left orbit shots are made in a row. A subway relights the laser kick standup target.

The left spinner gives a low amount of points during regular play, but awards a handsome sum of points each spin during Super Spinners.

Freeway Ramp

This shot is directly to the right of the left orbit. At first glance, this seems to be the main point of the game. In fact, it is relatively minor in order to progress to "big points". The freeway ramp does the following things:

Each shot counts up towards certain rewards.
3 million points at 3 shots
7 million points at 7 shots
14 at 14, 21 at 21, etc.
At a set number of shots, the freeway ramp lights an extra ball at the LW1 saucer. EB percentaging determines the exact number of shots required.
After a replay or a special is scored, the freeway ramp is lit for a Victory Lap, a usual feature in DE games. Victory Lap scores 15M.
Looping, when lit, is a timed mode where each ramp shot scores 5M. The mode times out after 20 seconds.
A Jackpot, double jackpot, or a quadruple jackpot are collected by shooting the ramp. These are discussed in the Multiball section of the rules.

LW2 Saucer

This saucer is directly to the right of the freeway ramp. This saucer is a VUK that feeds to the left flipper. This also seems like the main object of the game. Although lucrative, it does not start the high scoring modes, except for Multiball. It can do the following:

The saucer starts Video Mode, when lit.
Multiball is started in this saucer
Jackpots are relit and double jackpots are lit if they are lit at this particular saucer.
This saucer scores the "2" in LW 1,2,& 3 to advance towards a stunt.
Fight mode is randomally started from the LW2 saucer.

9-1-1 Rollovers

The rollovers are in the exact center of the playfield, left to right. They are just below the top edge of the game, like many other games. These rollovers, lik ethose of SS, ST:TNG, or most other games, advance the multiplier when all three are lit. The multiplier advances in the following order: 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X, Bonus and Multipliers Held

When all of the items are lit, each completed 911 awards a cool 1M.

Pop Bumpers

The pop bumpers (called turbo bumpers by DE) are located just under the 9-1-1 rollovers.

There are three pop bumpers (no, not labelled 1,2, and 3). Normally, they score an insignificant amount of points. They score 100,000 a hit during Super Pops, and 1,000,000 a hit during Super Duper Pops.

LW3 Saucer

The LW3 saucer is just left of the right orbit.

The LW3 saucer is the random award hole. When Leo is lit at LW3, the following awards can be given:

5 million
Multiball Ready
Light Super Spinners
Super Pops
Light Getaway
Bonus and Multipliers Held
Super Spinners
Light Video
Light Murtaugh's Retirement
Maximum Multiplier

When Super Leo is lit at LW3, the player has a choice between two of the following awards:

Bank Heist (10M-30M)
20 Million
Crazy Riggs
Super Duper Pops
Super Lethal Weapon
Extra Ball
Light Looping
Multiball Ready
Light Murgaugh's Retirement
Fight Mode

In addition, the saucer can do the following:

Relight jackpot and light double jackpot if it is lit at this particular saucer
Start Fight mode randomly

Right Orbit

This orbit functions the same as the left orbit, except that the right orbit collects the Getaway value when lit.

Red/Blue Wire drop targets

There are two banks of three drop targets. One bank is located directly under the pop bumpers. The other is located on the right side of the game, directly above where the ball exits the plunger lane. They serve to light Multiball Ready, and start Unlimited Millions.

Unlimited Millions is started by hitting the center drop target first, and then one of the two remaining targets. If the right wire is picked (it is pure chance), then Unlimited Millions is awarded.


The plunger is strictly an autoplunger, propelling balls up a short lane and then directing them into the playfield towards the skill-shot standups. The setup is exactly the same as T2. It closely resembles SS, CV, Congo, etc. The trigger is also used in many other modes.

Right Outlane

When Murtaugh's Retirement is lit, the right outlane scores a random score from 5M to 10M.

Right Inlane

Normal inlane. The Freeway Ramp feeds to this outlane, giving the player the ability to loop Freeway Ramps indefinately


Normal Size, normal shape...

Center drain

The flyer does not show a center post, while my personal game has a center post. I am under the impression that the center post was added, however. If anyone has any other information, please let me know.


The rules, compared to many games made after 1990, are decent. There is no true wizard mode, but the game does have many modes and objects to go for. This is my first attempt at a large rules section (Older 1980's games don't have many rules), so please bear with me. I will try to follow the rules in sequential order, starting with the skill shot, but I will probably end up adding rules as I think of them. Many of the basic rules are already explained in the layout section, so if a certain rule is not listed here, go to the first section.


At the start of the game, the player has the option to listen to one of three music samples. C+C Music Factory's "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)", Lethal Weapon 3's own music, and ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" are the three selections. IMHO, C+C Music Factory has the most to offer, although some people might argue that ZZ Top is the king when it comes to pinball music.

Skill Shot

Basically, it is exactly like T2's skill shot. Simply pull the trigger at a certain time so that the ball hits the lit standup. The lit standup switches quickly, so it is no easy task. Scoring is 2M on the first ball (not hit), 3M on the second, and 4M on the third.


The uzi is a collection of lights in the middle of the playfield. It consists of 6 bullets, and 6 awards. To light bullets, complete either orbits, depending on the game settings, the game will award either all 6, 3, 2, or 1 bullet per orbit. The factory setting is to award 6 bullets the first 2 times, and then 3, then 2, then 1.

When you complete 6 bullets, the game says "Loaded...Grab the gun and fire." At the same time, a "bad dude" appears on the DMD. To kill him, simply grab the gun trigger and start firing away (up to 6 shots). The score that you recieve depends on how many bullets were fired, and when the shots were fired. To recieve maximum points, just wait until the game says "NOW!" and the guy's eyes are flashing to press the trigger. The maximum score is 6M.

In addition, the game gives a different award each time 6 bullets are completed. In order, they are:

3 million
Hold Bonus and Multiplier & 1 million
Lite Super Leo Getz & Super Spinners
Lite Video & Getaway
Start Crazy Riggs Scoring
Super Lethal Weapon

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the ball(s) are still in play while you are trying to kill the bad guys? Good luck, because this requires some careful planning.


The stunt lights are the 5 lights near the bottom of the playfield. They are awarded by completing the LW1, LW2, and LW3 saucers. Depending on the settings, the saucers might have to be completed in order, on the same ball. The factory settings allow them to be completed in order, carrying over to the next ball if necessary.

Each time all three saucers are lit, the game stops play and shows a short DMD animation. During the animation, the game will say "Now!", and you can pull the gun trigger for an extra 1M. The stunts are:

High Fall, 5M
Police Chace, 10M
Toilet, 15M
Explosion, 20M
Helicopter, 25M

The 6th stunt is the Super Stunt Spectacular. It is awarded by the same means as the other five stunts, except it awards 50 million points and a longer animation.


IMHO, the best section of the game. To light multiball, you have to complete one bank of 3 drop targets 2 times. Depending on the settings, you might have to fulfill other requirements, such as hitting the targets in order. Once Multiball is lit, it can be collected at the LW2 saucer. A DMD animation, which is actually quite cool, is shown for a bit, and then 2 more balls are autoplunged in play.

Depending on the setting, a jackpot is already lit at the Freeway Ramp, and "Light Double Jackpot" is lit at one of the 3 LW saucers. To collect a jackpot, simply shoot the ramp. There are two types of double jackpots: lit and speed. The lit double jackpot is collected by shooting the light double jackpot saucer and then shooting the Freeway Ramp within 20 seconds. The speed double jackpot is collected by shooting two of the three balls up the Freeway Ramp within about 2 seconds. Sometimes, the first ball is shot fast enough to shoot again in order to collect the speed double jackpot.

The Quadruple Jackpot is probably the hardest shot in the game. This is basically a combination of the speed and the lit jackpots. First, Light double jackpot by shooting the lit saucer. Then, shoot two consecutive balls up the Freeway Ramp . It seems that the Quadruple Jackpot timer is a bit longer than the Speed Double Jackpot timer, so a ball that goes up the Freeway Ramp for the lit double jackpot could be shot through the ramp a second time.

Jackpots start at 10M, Double Jackpots 20M, and Quadruple Jackpots 40M. Each successive Jackpot is 5M more than the previous, making Double Jackpots increase by 10M and Quadruple Jackpots increase 20M each time.


There are a few modes in the game, most of which are lit/collected randomally from the LW3/Leo Getz saucer. These awards are also collected by reaching certain levels of the UZI clip.

Super Pops

100K a hit on the pop bumpers. The mode times out eventually, but no hint as to when is given.

Super Duper Pops

1M a hit (WOW!), but times out just like Super Pops. This one times out even sooner.

Note: I suspect that the two pops modes time out after a certain period of bumper inactivity is reached.

Video Mode

This is a collected from the LW2 VUK when lit. It is set up as an old-style shooting gallery. When an enemy appears on the DMD, press the plunger trigger. Don't hit the helpless bystanders, however. When 10 shots have been fired, the mode ends. If you hit all 10 enemies, then you get a 10M bonus.

If a cow appears on the display, shoot it for a cool million. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is an attempt at Williams-bashing

Crazy Riggs Scoring

This is a timed mode in which every switch scores 250K, and it times out at 15 seconds. During this mode, sounds from the three stooges are heard.

Super Lethal Weapon

In this timed mode, shoot the Lethal Weapon Saucers for 10M each. It times out at 15 seconds.

Freeway Looping

During this mode, which lasts 20 seconds, simply shoot the freeway ramp as much as you want for 5M each. The mode begins when the first freeway ramp is shot.


This mode is a hurry-up started at the left inlane, and collected at the right orbit. The value starts counting down at 15M, and ends a bit after it reaches 1M.

Unlimited Millions

Unlimited Millions is lit by hitting the center drop target on either target bank, then hitting one of the two remaining targets. If the target hit is the right one (this is pure chance), then Unlimited Millions is started. During this, each hit on the Light Laser Kick standup target awards 1M, for the rest of the ball.


This is a section that I decided to add, partly because I thought it needs to be added in all rulesheets, and partly because I have so much to say. In this section, you will find manual problems, game bugs, tips and tactics, etc.

Tips And Tactics

Here is the basic tactic that I would try on a Lethal Weapon 3 that you have never played before. Immediately, shoot the Freeway Ramp so that you can see if the extra ball is set high or low. If the extra ball can be lit within 7 shots (you might have to hit 3 shots on the ramp before it will say), then go for that first off. If not, then wait until later. I usually hit the orbits constantly, in order to progress up the Uzi. This will eventually lead to some wicked modes like Crazy Riggs and Super Lethal Weapon.

Whenever you have Super Leo Getz lit (by lighting the 4 standup targets), definately go for it. Specials, Big Points (15M+), Extra Balls, and other nice things can be lit there. Even if you are good at the orbits and shooting the DMD badguys, this might be the way to go.

One GREAT feature about this game is that modes can be stacked. If possible, this would be the best combination of modes: Multiball, Murtaugh's Retirement, and Crazy Riggs. When this combination occurs, remember these things: Keep Kick-Back lit, because it scores a Murtaugh award and puts the ball back in play. Keep a ball in the pop-bumpers, for Crazy Riggs scores 250K per switch you touch. Keep a ball on the Freeway Ramp. Doing this, you can score a theoretically HUGE amount of points.

I would say that you should never consciously try to light multiball. On normal settings, it is so easy to accidentally hit two banks of drop targets. When Multiball is lit, however, you should definately go for it. The Quadruple Jackpot is the best part of the game, both in the point value and the excitement of getting it. Although Super Stunt Spectacular is 50M points, it just does not give the satisfaction that the Quad Jackpot gives.

Manual Problems

I just want to mention that the manual is no help whatsoever for many problems. The game rules are limited at best. The manual states that Super Leo Getz only gives out Specials, Extra Balls, and Crazy Riggs. I admit that they were right in leaving some of the minute, secret details out, but this is a little too much. Fixing things is another concern. The manual gives no part numbers for game plastics other than a complete set, the cabinet part numbers are very limited, but I must give them credit for giving very accurate pictures and part numbers for major mechanical assemblies.

Many of the rules are just plain wrong. The manual sometimes lists things that are not the way they are in the game. Even the instruction card has a bit of a problem with the manner of collecting jackpots.

Another little complaint of mine is that everywhere, "Lite" is used instead of " Light." This is definately not a problem, just a "pet peeve" of mine.

Game Problems

This is the section that I need help on from you guys and gals. The game I have might be defective, broken, or something else, but these are some problems I have noticed.

First, the DMD animations are sometimes very delayed, as much as 5 to 6 seconds. This is especially evident during Super Pops, where each bumper hit gives an animation. Even when the ball has left the bumper for seconds, more animations are displayed. Also, this makes the CPU wait for the DMD, which also delays the sounds until the animation is displayed. Please, someone verify that this happens on their machine.

Also, I have noticed that every great once in a while, the DMD will go blank. All animations are displayed as normal, but the score is not shown again for that ball. I have read that this might be a "Mystery Score" feature, but I doubt it. I also noticed once the DMD go through startup sequences as if it reset, giving the same problem, but I am unable to determine now if this is a problem with my system or if it is a problem with all systems. Please help, anyone.

My game has a center post, but it also looks like that the two metal flipper guards were taken out. I am wondering if this was added late in the assembly run on all machines, or if my machine has been "modified".

One thing to mention: I have heard that on either earlier or later production games, Multiball was changed to Lotzaballs and/or Triball. I have heard that this was because of a lawsuit filed by Williams. However, the game that this rulesheet is created off of has Multiball, and not the other two. I am not sure what ROM revisions have the other two slogans, but if someone is willing to contribute that information, it would be greatly appreciated.


LW3 is a great game for its time. The sound is excellent, the animations are top-notch, there is quite a bit of humor in the Crazy Riggs mode, the Quadruple Jackpot is challenging, exciting, and rewarding, among other things. The only complaint is a lack of a wizard mode. Although that is a major drawback, the game is quite fun without it.

Lethal Weapon 3
© 1992 Data East
This Rulesheet created by Ryan Avery
Send comments, questions, or additions to the author.

Please distribute freely, but please do not alter the information contained within, for the benefit of the rest of the Internet community.

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