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Lost In Space (Sega, 1998) VP8

VP8 Sega SS Recreation Lost In Space (Sega, 1998) VP8 v1.1 2020-01-28

No permission to download
Sega 1998,
IPD No. 4442

Lost In Space Rulesheet
Version 1.0 1/12/98
Compiled by Robert Macauley

The ROM version used was version A1.02.

Playfield layout clockwise from the drain:

Inlanes/Outlanes: Normal. Outlanes can light for Special. Left inlane lights super pops. Right inlane lights Mystery for a few seconds.

Green targets: 3 green standups. Hitting these counts towards Condition red multiball.

Left orbit: Standard orbit shot. Spots R in Robot.

Ramp: Each ramp counts towards a planet. The number of ramps needed is shown on the display along with the points for the next planet. Also awards jackpots in condition red multiball and extra balls. Balls return to the left flipper.

Mystery scoop: Lit by a spinner lane shot or the right inlane. Spots O in robot.

Red targets: 3 red targets. Counts towards Condition Red multiball.

Bumpers: 5 located behind the mystery scoop. Awards 10k per hit which rollover lanes and a lit spinner lane increase. Balls exit either through a small opening or through the Mystery scoop.

Rollover Lanes: 3 lanes above the bumpers. Unlike normal games, these don’t advance the bonus X. their sole purpose is to count down to Fighter multiball.

Magnets: 2 magnets in the orbit. 1 above the bumper lanes, the other above the top vuk.

Spinner lane: Narrow lane leading into the bumpers. Lights Mystery when lit and can be lit for Super pops. Spots B in Robot.

Robot: Hard to hit lane with a model robot above it. Spots O in Robot and starts Robot multiball when lit. balls return to the right flipper.

VUK: A vuk located behind the robot. The magnet above it is supposed to catch balls and feed them here at the start of condition red. Balls landing here are kicked out to a spinning disk like the one on Twister.

Right orbit: Same as the left. Spots T in Robot and starts Condition Red multiball when lit.

Yellow targets: 3 yellow targets. Counts towards Condition Red multiball.

Warning letters: 7 lights across the center of the playfield spelling Warning. Used in Robot multiball.

Game play
Lost in Space is very much a multiball game. There are no modes at all. Like on Twister there are three different multiballs.

Robot Multiball
To start Robot multiball, you have to shoot the 5 shots with a robot letter to spell Robot. This lights multiball at the robot shot. Shoot the robot to start. This is a 4-ball multiball in which the object is to spell Warning. Each lit Robot shot adds a letter to warning and scores 5 M. completing Warning lights the Robot for unlimited super jackpots of 20M. Warning letters carry over between players and games. Ends when 1 ball remains.

Fighter Multiball
To start Fighter multiball you need to go through the rollover lanes a set number of times. This starts at 5 and increases by 5 for each subsequent multiball. Each lane increases the value of 1 bumper by 10k. if the spinner lane is lit for super pops, shooting this lane counts as a lane hit. When the required number of rollovers is reached Fighter multiball starts. This is a 4-ball multiball and the object is to shoot the balls back into the bumpers. Each shot to the orbits or the spinner lane awards a jackpot. The jackpot values start at 3M and are increased by bumper hits. When a jackpot is scored the value resets to 3M. ends when 1 ball remains in play.

Condition Red Multiball
To start Condition Red multiball you need to hit the 3 green, yellow and red targets as in High Speed. 3 hits to the green targets scores 5M and lights the yellow targets. 3 hits on the red targets lights the right orbit to start multiball. The balls are trapped by a magnet and fed to the spinning disk just like the start of canister multiball on Twister. The ramp is lit for jackpots starting at 5M. lighting all 9 color targets increases the jackpot value by 10M. ends when 1 ball remains.

3 in 1
Playing all 3 multiballs in a single ball awards a 25M bonus at the end of the ball and an ego award in the high score table.

Other Scoring
The mystery scoop advances the spinner value by 10k if mystery is not lit.

5 ramps scores 10M
11 ramps scores 15M
18 ramps scores 20M
26 ramps scores 25M
35 ramps scores 30M
45 Ramps Lites Extra Ball
Hit Ramp to Collect Extra Ball
57 ramps relites extra ball
Hit ramp again to collect
Reset to first award

End of ball bonus:
1M+100k per target+100k per ramp+100k per robot+25M 3in 1 bonus * bonus X

Mystery Awards:
+ bonus X
EB lit
Condition Red multiball (on ball 3 if unplayed)
Robot multiball
Fighter multiball
+1 bumper
+1 Warning letter
Special lit
Hurry up. 10M countdown. Shoot robot to collect.

Draining via the outlanes on the last ball scores the Dr Smith bonus. 1M and a very apt quote "Oh the pain".

Bang Backs and Death Saves
Forget about death saves. The nice folk at SEGA have placed a center post in the way. On the machine that I played bang backs were very easy to do, but this would be machine dependent.
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