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MADLAX (Original)

SS Original Table BAM FP MADLAX (Original) v1.4 BAM Edition

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Solid State Machines
MADLAX (Original) v1.3

Fanwork dedicated to the anime series "MADLAX."

THIS TABLE HAS TWIN DMD SYSTEMS! it contains the original Overlay 'fake' DMD the table was created with and also has been adapted to use the FP dmd that has since been created. By default the Overlay DMD is turned OFF. Press the letter "o" on the keyboard to toggle it back on or off.

This table incorporates "twin rulesets" - two seperate and functional rulesets that operate simultaneously using the same table ellements. For 1st release, I have removed several unworkable rules. Some will be reworked others replaced for a future update. For now, I feel the set that is here is ok for initial release. It will be a long while before the update, which is to include more rules, more animations, and more sound samples.
RULESET 1: (Basic)
Light TALUTA targets to open first lock (back left) lock 1st to open second (centre/lower left) lock 2nd to open t3rd (lower right) At any time, hit upper centre right kicker to release any locks. Release all at once for 4 ball multi to see the essence!

Light ELDA targs to light the bumper lamp for 3x bumpers.

Light MADLAX top lanes for bonus mulitplier

Light in/out lanes for ballsaver.

RHS loop channel (below TALUTA) doubles point each hit while lit.
RULESET 2: (Advanced)

Light ELDA TALUTA - Without locking ramps - for ESSENCE MODE (table x 3 for 60 seconds)

ELDA activatees left ramp lock
TALUTA activates right ramp lock
Lock both to set kicker (lowest left) - shoot that left loop kicker once active for NEW ERA mode / Margaret and Madlax multiball
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